Year in Review October-December

Strange keywords that brought people to the site from October to December: you old savings and loan, Eminem baby pictures, what to do when miserable, lazy sluts, jazz is evil, 18th century sailor, Stalin was a bad guy, Cookie Monster smoking, combine Chicago and Montana for the ultimate kite flying experience.

Year in Review July-September

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  • JGT hosts a Soccer trivia segment for the Philadelphia Union (above).

Strange search terms that brought people here from July-September: Amish root beer, we released ourselves on our own recognizance, donkey elephant, reptiles among us, Fat Albert killed Reggie White, I want to be your Space Invader, Von Hayes is the devil, where can I buy weed in Philly?, where is Richard Nixon now that we finally need him

Year in Review, April-June


Search terms that brought people here in April-June: Rocky VII, Alan Thicke speedo, Benjamin Franklin serial killer, kid getting punched in the face, puntang, sexy robot, Admiral Byrd hole in the center of the earth, acts of lascivousness, a happy butt is a clean butt, ruin it for everybody, read a book contreversy, love the ugly animals

Year in Review: January-March


Search terms that brought people to the site in January, February, and March: Detroit hookers, Detroit whores, where to find prostitutes in Detroit, Detroit prostitution, like a knight in shining armor from a long time ago, Stalin good or bad, fun facts about Millard Fillmore, lesbian oil wrestling, trannie news, streaks on the china never mattered before, like a rhinocerous my speed is prosperous, how to rock a first date. I trust that my site helped people find the information they were looking for in each instance.

Year in Review October-November


October was pretty much dedicated to watching the Phillies make a another run for the title, a run that ended just short of the goal. But man we had fun on the trip. That included my rap above and the Back to Back rap here. And then of course there was the LA writer I skewered after he dissed Phils fans after Game 4. And the Phils fan who made the near fatal mistake of celebrating on top of a moving cab.


This actually occurred on October 31st, but in November, we voted for the winner in the Battle of the JGTs.

Sam, who occasionally plays quizzo while he’s shooting darts at the Bards and O’Neals, wins $1 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Visited Gettysburg for the first time ever and had a blast. Also learned about Dan Sickles, who nearly single-handedly lost the Battle of Gettysburg for the Union.


I bought a bunch of old Philly postcards, and did research on the old buildings on them. We learned some really cool stuff here, like the architect who died broke after designing the Divine Lorraine, the Super Sweet Sixteen party held at the Bellevue in 1926, and of course the House of Orphans of Oddfellows.

The Allen Iverson Haiku Contest.

Honest Gabe’s Suicide Prevention Hotline (NSFW).

Controversy erupts in comments section over the way Steak Em Up is comprised.

Year in Review July-September


An interview with a NASA expert about the Challenger. (Featuring me and Chip)

I honor the late Michael Jackson with a “Name that Jackson album” round.

Chip and Johnny go to Chuck E. Cheese.


The “Did they die of syphilis or TB” round.

Eagles sign Michael Vick.

We launch

We learn the truth about Thomas Crapper.

I watch the movie Roadhouse for the first time ever.

Year in Review April-June

JGT leaves Phillies game with Phils losing 10-3; team comes back to win 11-10.

I head to Puerto Rico for a week vacation and meet a couple from Philly who moved to the middle of nowhere.


JGT looks fat when he gets interviewed by former Miss Pennsylvania

First ever quiz at Ugly American won by L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. 


JGT writes his final column for the Metro. Fittingly, it is about a sketchy strip club in Atlanta

Quizzo legend Pat Hines returns to Philly

The infamous Dr. Phil, Dr. Evil, or Dr. Dre round.

Year in Review, January-March

Hurtin Bombs record perfect score at Bards.

Couple gets engaged via quizzo answers.

BMT survives a plane crash.


Trivia Art runs into Johnny Goodtimes playing a guitar in Dublin.

Travel Channel comes to quizzo; crowd yells at Samantha Brown.

I post an instant classic: 10 best scenes of all time from The Wire.


Quizzo Bowl V, The Malice at the Palace.

Watering Holes win best outfit at Quizzo Bowl.

BMT and I launch iSportacus.

Year in Review: July-September



  • Nothing interesting happened in August. Nothing