Lambda Lambda Lambda Defends Title in the Malice at the Palace

Another year, another sell out, as almost 300 people packed the New Golden Palace in their quest to be named Philly’s smartest team (and see a kickass Hall and Oats cover band). In the end, it was the defending champs, Lambda Lambda Lambda, emerging with a slim victory. The Lambdas got a scare from called Sold Our Soul Train (a horned team that included Trivia Art, Smackdown, and D-Mac) but in the end retained their enormous trophy for at least another year with the narrowest win in Quizzo Bowl history, 124-121.

Quizzo Bowl V, held at the New Golden Palace at 8th and Washington, was about more than mere questions however. The show opened with a preview of an upcoming quizzo documentary, contained three rockin’ sets from Haulin’ Oats, and also featured a Chinese Lion Troupe performing at half-time.
It started as a high scroring affair, with 8 teams recording perfect round ones and 29 of the 36 scoring 10 or more points (Out of a possible 13). The 50/50 round (Before or After 1967, the year Hall and Oates met) was a bit tougher. At the end of two, perennial Bards stronghorse the Hurtin Bombs had taken the lead. I had given a hint as to what the 3rd Round was going to be in an interview on NBCPhiladelphia, and some teams decided to study. It paid off, as the round was indeed “China”, though with a few wrinkles. (I’ll post questions soon.) Lambda and the Kingdom were tied for the lead after three, and it looked like a two team race. But Sell Your Soul Train was not to be discounted, as they went on a tear in the final round, and missed out on immortality by a single year in a question about life expectancy. Lambda escaped with a narrow but impressive 124-121 victory (they only missed four questions out of 48) and headed for the afterparty with their enormous trophy in tow. Got any fond favorite memories of the night? Leave ’em below.

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