Back by popular demand*! Johnny Goodtimes and The Truth are back at it, bringing their unsolicited opinions to the public after a 3 year hiatus. Subscribe to the Worthless Knowledge Podcast on your favorite Podcasting platform, and be sure to follow them on Facebook. The weekly podcast will be a deep dive on a question in the previous week’s quiz. It’ll be funny, informative, and completely worthless.

*not really

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The guys discuss the life and times of Caligula this week.
  1. Caligula
  2. Rasputin
  3. Medaling in the Summer and Winter Olympics–It's Easy if You are a Toothpaste Heir
  4. Medical Treatments That (Sadly) Don't Get Used Much Anymore
  5. Emperor Claudius – The Reason When You Take Over You Have to Kill EVERYBODY

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