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The Noid (and Other Perverts) Worthless Knowledge

Remember 1980's pizza advertising icon The Noid?  Sure.  We all do.  Did you know that a man took a couple of hostages in a Domino's restaurant once because he felt the Noid ad campaign was targeted specifically at him? Join Johnny and Nat as they welcome Chip Chantry.  Chip is the author of several best selling books on the Noid, ranging from the worldwide best seller "The Pizza Anarchist" to the lesser known cult favorite "Noided Up: How the Dominos Fell", and is arguably the world's foremost expert on the Noid.   We'll dive into the Noid, Spuds McKenzie, Max Headroom, and Philadelphia legend The Swiss Cheese Pervert on this episode and much, much more.
  1. The Noid (and Other Perverts)
  2. Board Game Burial: What Game Do You Want In YOUR Casket?
  3. Remember When a Famous Pop Star Burned Down a Football Player's House? Andre Rison and Lisa Lopes Revisited
  4. Cults: Should You Join One?
  5. Could You Commit the "Perfect" Crime? Leopold and Loeb Didn't.

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