Outdoor Quizzes

Johnny Goodtimes’ outdoor quizzo events are postponed until warming weather and safer times return. Watch this space for new socially distant Quizzo games.

  • Hire JGT for Your Next In Person Event
    Yes, we are fully vaxxed and back to doing in-person events! Whether it’s your wife’s birthday or your company’s annual getaway, we’ve got you covered. Just fill out this short form and we’ll be back in touch within 48 hours. Let’s party!
  • Ultimate Philly Quiz This Friday-CANCELLED
    We didn’t have enough teams sign up for this weeks Yards quiz, so we’re gonna bag it. We’re working on another project at Yards we’re really excited about I’ll have details about soon. In the meantime if you wanna play outside I’ll be at Frankford Hall on Tuesday.
  • Quizzo at Frankford Hall on Tuesday!
    Gonna be hosting a special quizzo at Frankford Hall, dedicated to Alex Trebek. Six rounds, five questions each, with point values going up each question. And all of it having to do in some way with the life of the trivia GOAT. Outdoors, up to 6 people per team, and masks required until you get … Continue reading Quizzo at Frankford Hall on Tuesday!
  • Moving The Halloween Quizzo Fundraiser Online
    Hey guys, we’ve decided to postpone tomorrow’s in person quizzo at Yards. There are just so many things going on in the city right now and doing an in-person quizzo in the midst of all of it…just doesn’t feel right. But we still want to celebrate Halloween and we still want to raise money for … Continue reading Moving The Halloween Quizzo Fundraiser Online
  • The 18th Annual Halloween Spectacular!
    The longest running tradition in the JGT Quizzo canon continues, for one night only, next Friday night at Yards. Lots of questions about witches, ghosts, and goblins. And plenty of candy. To book your table, send $40 to @jgtquizzo on venmo with the note “Yards 10/30”. We had a blast at the one last week … Continue reading The 18th Annual Halloween Spectacular!

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