What is Virtual Quizzo?

What is virtual quizzo?
Quizzo is a bar game that seems to have originated in Ireland and made its way here to Philadelphia in the late 90s. Johnny Goodtimes has hosted more of them than anyone else in America. However, when COVID-19 hit in March, the entire operation moved online. Here’s how it’s played:

Virtual Quizzo is on pause while we try to get the world going again. If you’d like to schedule a game for you and your friends, reach out to Johnny for a private event.

Your team signs up for either a regular quiz (held weekly) or for a tournament (held roughly once every 5 or 6 weeks). Your team captain will then receive an invite into a Zoom meeting with your quizmaster for the evening. 

  • There are three rounds, with eight questions in each round.
  • The first round is the easy round. All of the questions are relatively easy and are worth one point apiece.
  • The second round is the picture round. Pretty self explanatory, the host will flip the screen and you’ll see pictures of art/people/cities/logos, etc that you’ll need to identify. Two points apiece. 
  • The third round is the impossible round. The questions get tougher, and the point values go up to 3 points a question. You do get up to two hints if you want them, though if you take a hint you only get one point for the answer. 

After the three rounds are completed, we’ll let you know how you did. If you’re in a tourney or league, we’ll also let you know at the end of the week whether you won your game or not.

How long does it take? Game typically last about 35-40 minutes. 

Are there any other teams in the Zoom with us? Nope, just you and your friends.