Virtual Quizzo is Back!

Yes, it’s been great getting back into the bars. But the virtual quizzes have continued to be a lot of fun, especially for teams that are in different cities, in the burbs, or have kids and can’t get out all that easily anymore. And for the teams who love Carl (pretty much all of them.)

The Fall season starts next Tuesday. 8 games (final will be on Sunday 11/20), 4 rounds each, played in 60-75 minute breakout room sessions. Carl will be your host for all sessions, which will be held Tuesday & Wednesday evenings except for the final. You can register here and sign up for your team’s weekly sessions here. These quizzes will be separate than the regular quiz, so you’re welcome to play the virtual league AND the weekly bar quiz if you want. Gonna be a great league, we’re hoping to land 4 more teams by the time the league starts on Tuesday. Sign up today!

The Special Masters Win Their First Ever Quizzo Bowl!

On an electric Saturday night at the World Cafe Live, the Special Masters stunned the quizzo establishment with a 155-151 victory over the defending champs, Boyz II Menehune. Sofa Principality finished 3rd.

Our “Back to School” themed night began with JGT and lil’ Goodtimes performing the dance routine from Napoleon Dynamite. We then went into Round 1, “Are You Smarter than a Canadian 5th Grader?” (I’ll post some of the questions later). Round two was a definite highlight, as Doogie Horner introduced an art round in which he had drawn famous artists…as if they were kids. So a very fun round you can watch here.

Round Three was a “School Cafeteria Before and After round, followed by the music round, hosted by JGT and Reef the Lost Cauze, rapping rock songs about school. After four rounds, we had a tie between the Special Masters, 3-time champion Lambda, and 2-time champion the Zodiac Killers. Chip hosted a History video round, then we moved to the Impossible Round. And that’s where the Masters broke away from the pack, missing only one part of the Weekly double, but otherwise running the round.

The between-round performances by Friends of the Family were SPECTACULAR, we were able to get a lot of school supplies for our friends at the Poor People’s Army, and we’ll have lots of great photos posted for ya soon. Here were our final scores.

  1. Special Masters 155
  2. Boyz II Menehune 151
  3. Sofa Principality 149
  4. Midvale School for the Gifted 145
  5. Run the Crown Jewels 144
  6. Yacht Rock 140
  7. The Zodiac Killer$ 138
  8. Lambda 135
  9. Charles III in Charge 133
  10. This Could’ve Been a Zoom Session 124
  11. Kids Who Can’t Read Good 120
  12. RIPenis 116
  13. Stone Cold Steve’s Awesome 114
  14. Jesse’s Girls ft Appelonia 113
  15. Tuesday Night Quizzo Club 111
  16. Happy National TV Dinner Day 102
  17. Nudie Magazine Day! 102
  18. Inturnts 98
  19. Charles in Charge 93
  20. We Are Marshall 78
  21. Quiz in my Pants 60
  22. Geoman 37

So You’re Playing Quizzo Bowl?

So you’re playing Quizzo Bowl? Whether this is your first or 17th, we’re really excited to have you on board. This is gonna be a blast! Here’s what you need to know:

The event is at the World Cafe Live, 30th and Walnut. You’ll enter on Walnut. The doors are at 7, show is at 8. Know the purchaser of your tickets! That will get you in the venue without needing to wait for everybody to arrive. It’s all general seating, so first come first serve on that.

If you’d like to play and have not already bought tickets…no problem! We’ve definitely got a few tables left. Your guaranteed bet is to buy them online, but at last count you should be OK getting them at the box office. 

The show will start at 8 PM. We’ve got a new star to help open this year’s show.

It will be a 6-round, 48 question quiz. It will not move as fast as a typical quiz, so kick back and relax. We’ll have live music, games and nonsense to enjoy. This ain’t as Tuesday, let’s hang out, party a little, and luxuriate in all of this bonus trivia. I’ll post the run of show below, so you know what to expect.

Needless to say, there are no phones allowed during gameplay BUT you are welcome to use them during the rest of the show. So please take photos of your team, of you and Fastball Bob, of you and the trophy, whatever, and be sure to tag @jgtquizzo on instagram and use the hashtag #QBXVII. And yes, we will have a pro photog there as well, so be sure to get a team pic! 

I am asking everyone who attends to bring a school supply! We will then give them all to our friends at the Poor People’s Army to hand out to Philly schoolchildren who need them. Pens, pencils, bookbags, markers, it really can be anything, and most places are doing big sales on them now since school already started.

If you have a small group and want to play, that’s no problem at all! But I will probably team you up with another small group to make a team. It helps build our little community, and it makes things easier for Chip and I to grade! 

There will be an afterparty! We’ll be headed right down the street to one of the great dive bars in the city, Bonner’s, to wind down and to raise a glass to the champions.

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night. Gonna be a fun show!

7:00 Doors

8:00 Show starts, Round One begins

8:30 Round One Ends, Round Two begins

8:40 Round Two ends, band begins

9:00 Review answers to rounds One and Two

9:10 Round Three begins

9:20 Round Three ends, Round Four begins

9:40 Round Four Ends, Band plays

10:00 Review answers to rounds 3 and 4

10:20 Begin Round Five

10:30 Begin Round Six 

10:40 End Round Six, Band plays

11:00 Review answers, give out final scores

11:15 Finis!
Best of luck!

Quizzo This Week

Well it’s THAT week. Quizzo Bowl week. The most exciting week on the quizzo calendar. But before we get to Saturday, we’ve got a full slate for the coming week. And yes, we’re Labor Day quizzin’, so come on by.


Loco Pez 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM (with Taryn)

Birra 8 PM (with Carl)


Quizzo Bowl XVII 8 PM

Everything You Need to Know About Quizzo Bowl XVII


WHO: Our nerd community.

WHAT: Quizzo Bowl XVII, the most prestigious quizzo event in America.

WHEN: September 10th, doors at 7 PM, show at 8 PM.

WHERE: World Cafe Live, 20th and Walnut.

WHY: Why not? After 16 straight years of Quizzo Bowl, we had to take 2021 off due to COVID. But now we’re BACK, baby. And we’re gonna party twice as hard since we missed last year!

HOW MUCH? $200 per team or $30 per player.

DIDN’T IT USED TO BE PER PLAYER? Yep, but this actually saves us quite a bit of money…if you purchase the $200 option then it’s only a $7 service charge for the whole team, not $7 per person.


IS THIS LIKE A REGULAR QUIZ? No. It’s like a regular quiz if it was filled up with hydrogen, shot skyward, and then you ignite a spark….wait, OK, so maybe that’s a bad example. But no, it’s like a regular quiz if you put it onto a motorcycle and had it jump over 12 double decker buses…DAMNIT, I’M TERRIBLE WITH THESE ANALOGIES! Whatever, no, it’s nothing like a regular quiz.

SO HOW’S IT DIFFERENT? Well start with the stakes; only 8 teams have EVER won a Quizzo Bowl, thus achieving nerd immortality. Their names are now hanging in the rafters of Goodtimes Stadium (located inside my mind).

Then let’s toss in a hefty prize for the winners…over $1000 worth of prizes. Then we’ve got raffles. We’ve got live music from Friends of the Family, an AMAZING band that performed at one of our Phoenix games this year. Trust me, these young folks are going to blow your minds. They are so freaking good, playing songs from a variety of genres. They are graduates of the remarkable Beyond the Bars Foundation, teaching music to young people who wouldn’t ordinarily have that opportunity. So I’m honored to have them play at Quizzo Bowl, and really excited for you to hear them. This group is truly fantastic, you’re going to be blown away.

WHAT ELSE? Well our good friend Chip Chantry is going to write and record our video round, and our buddy Reef the Lost Cauze is going to help us out with our music round. And of course Fastball Bob will be there…doing….something.

IS THERE A CHARITY COMPONENT? Yes! In keeping with our Back to School theme, we are going to provide school supplies for the children of Philadelphia. Partnering with our friends from the Poor People’s Army, we are asking everyone to donate a school supply. It can be as simple as a box of pencils or as grand as a backpack. Whatever you donate will be given to Philly schoolchildren who need it most.

HOW ARE TICKETS SELLING SO FAR? Good! We’re almost halfway to a sellout with over a week to go.



BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW AND LET’S PARTY TOGETHER NEXT WEEKEND! Also, be sure to join the event page on Facebook if you’re attending to get the latest updates.

Quizzo This Week

There was no quiz on Monday due to Loco Pez having a staff party. Which was probably for the best. After a long weekend in Madison, Wisconsin for the AUDL league championship with Garbo eating and drinking like we were 21 again, I needed the rest. But now I’m back and ready to rock. Here’s our schedule for the week:


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM

Birra 8 PM

Quizzo This Week

After several weeks off due to a faulty AC we are BACK at Loco Pez this week, and have a fun wild card round lined up. General knowledge quiz, no theme. Here’s our lineup for this week:


Loco Pez 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM (with Quizmistress Erin)

Birra 8 PM

We’re Back! Finally.

Johnny Goodtimes Presents Future Week

Hey gang, got knocked offline two weeks ago and haven’t been able to post since. And a whoooole lot to talk about. Some I’ll be posting here and some I’ll be posting in an email I’m sending out on Friday. If you want to get the email, click here and sign up. (You should it’s a fun email I send out about every other Friday just letting people know what I’m eating, drinking, and what’s happening on the quizzo scene.) As for this week, our topic is “The Future”.

Here’s how things are going down.

  • First quizzo tonight is at Fette Sau hosted by our newest QM Steven. They’ve been doing them once a month and it’s been great! Action starts tonight at 6:30.
  • I’ll be back at Dock Street tonight at 8 PM.
  • Thursday, Taryn hosts at Deli at Dwell at 7 PM and Carl take the mic at Birra at 8 PM.
  • Friday, I will be at the Oval at 6 PM. An all new quiz, so even if you played earlier in the week, you are still welcome to play. Beers from Milkboy, quiz in the shade, family friendly, it’s a damn good time.
  • Saturday, we’re heading up to DC for the Philadelphia Phoenix’s first playoff game since 2013 (in case you didn’t know, I’m a minority investor in the team). If you’re looking for some fun, we’ve got a bus going down with food, booze, and tickets to the game provided. If you’re not going down, you can still watch the big game on TV…it’s airing live on FS2 at 7 PM.

Big week as we start getting into the swing of things after a lazy summer. Hope to see ya somewhere this week!