Carl With a Fall Brawl Update After Five Weeks

Fall Brawl II - Electric Quizaloo

With three weeks remaining in the regular season, the Fall Brawl 2021 playoff picture is beginning to take shape. Lots of familiar faces atop the six divisions: Smells Like Quarantine Spirit, DelCovid-19, Hallmark Hot, Boyz II Menehune, Cool Cats & Kittens, and Au Bon Pandemic– the latter two being our only undefeated teams with matching 5-0 records. You can check all of the standings here.

Plenty of surprises and twists further down the standings, however. Though they’ve been brought down to earth a bit since, Not Last Place defied all odds and self-identifiers by roaring to a 3-0 start, while recent tournament finalists Queefer Sutherland and Sofa Kingdom somehow remained winless through four weeks. Our least predictable team, Summer Sizzler runners-up Texas City Players Club, remain as unpredictable as ever, with scores ranging from 33 to 45. And thanks to the built-in chaos caused by head-to-head matchups and tiebreaker questions, perennial contenders like Lambda Lambda Lambda, L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, and Little Kwings find themselves scraping for a wild card berth, while underdogs like Ukraine in the Membrane and upstarts like Quick Question find themselves in control of their own fate. With weeks 7 and 8 consisting mostly of divisional matchups, there could be a lot of late movement in the standings.

The common refrain among our 30 teams this season has been “Have these quizzes gotten harder?” and “Are you and Johnny angry at us?” Our response: Actually, yes! To the first question, I mean. Overall scores thus far have averaged below 40 for the first time in virtual quizzo league history, and there have only been 2 perfect scores of 52 (shout out to B2M for knowing their apples, and to the Cool Cats for knowing their Joan Jett). To put things in baseball terms – a topic you all very clearly enjoy more than anything else – you’re in the Big Leagues now, folks. This ain’t no Punch ‘n’ Judy show!

Quizzo This Week

We seem to be hitting our groove. Great turnouts at Founding Fathers, Dock Street, and Deli at Dwell last week. Tough quiz last week! We’ll take it a little lighter on ya this week. Maybe. Remember, we’re back at Birra this week, so if you’re in the Passyunk area looking for a great quiz and a great pizza swing on by. Oh, and a new quiz starting on November 1st. Stay tuned for details!


  • Founding Fathers 8 PM


  • Dock Street 8 PM


  • Deli at Dwell 7 PM (followed by Eagles watch party)
  • Birra 8 PM (hosted by Carl)

Quizzo/Eagles Watch Party on Thursday!

Big night this Thursday at Deli at Dwell! We’re going to have our normal quizzo, which I’ll be starting at 7 PM sharp…that way we’ll be done just in time for kickoff. Once the game starts, we’ll start doing some giveaways from Shibe Sports, playing some fun games, and doing some football trivia. We’ll also be giving away two club box tickets to an upcoming Eagles game! Gonna be a fun night, and it’s gonna be OUTDOORS; weather is lining up to be absolutely perfect. Look forward to seeing ya Thursday night!

Quizzo This Week

A great week last week at Founding Fathers, which is quickly picking up speed. Deli at Dwell was a bit slow, Birra still not back up to pre-COVID levels but doing pretty solid, and Dock Street still rocking. This week, we’re not just gonna be doing quizzes but watching the Eagles game together on Thursday night. More details on that coming soon. Please note that Birra is cancelled for the Eagles game.


  • Founding Fathers 8 PM


  • Dock Street 8 PM


  • Deli at Dwell 7 PM (followed by Eagles watch party)
  • NOTE: Birra is cancelled this week due to Birds game

What to Do About Quizzo Bowl

Just like everything else on earth, our Quizzo Bowl schedule is all wonky now because of COVID. Typically we do it in February, but that was clearly out this year. We talked about doing it in Summer, but nobody was really doing larger events this summer, due primarily to not having enough staff. So now we’re in late September, and we’ve got two different options. Should we try to do it in November, then do next years in the spring (the Broad Street Run model) or should we just hold off, accept that we won’t get one in in 2021, and pick back up in February 2021? Let us know in this poll.

Let’s Raise Some Money for the South Philly Sharks!

We did it for the Super Bowl, and we’re doing it again for the Eagles Cowboys game on Monday night. The South Philly Sharks have been using football as a tool to empower young men in our city for almost 30 years now. Unlike sports leagues in the suburbs, sports leagues in the city are almost always cash strapped, and the Sharks are no exception. Let’s do our small part to help, and have some fun doing it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go here and fill out a square (any square will do, we’ll pick the numbers randomly).
  2. Then send $10 to @jgtquizzo on venmo or johnny at on paypal. That buys you a square (you can purchase up to 3).

Once we have all of the squares filled out, we’ll draw the numbers randomly. Then on Monday night, we’ll have a winner after each quarter. How does the contest work?

  • If the score after the first quarter is 14-7 Eagles, whoever has the 4 Eagles and the 7 Cowboys will be the winner.
  • Winners each quarter will receive an Eagles prize pack from Shibe Sports valued at $90. So pick a square, raise money for a great program, and have some skin in the game on Monday night.
  • 100% of the proceeds raised will go towards the South Philly Sharks.

Oh, and while i’ve got you here, a quick shoutout to our 30 teams playing in the Fall Brawl. With $25 of each team’s fee going towards charity, we raised $750 for the Poor People’s Army. The first $500 will go towards their ongoing effort to help Philadelphia’s homeless. The other $250 will go towards restocking the food pantry they run in which they give away free food to anyone who needs it. Thank you guys!

Hire Johnny For Your Holiday Party!

Hard to believe it folks, but we’re starting to book events for the upcoming holiday season. And we are set up to take both in-person and virtual quizzo events. Wanna learn more? Just answer a couple of quick questions about your event and we’ll be back to you within 48 hours. Whether it’s a party for friends, a charity, or for your business, we’d love to help you have fun this year!

Oktoberfest Quiz at Frankford Hall

Really excited to host a special one time quizzo this Sunday at Frankford Hall! To help celebrate their Oktoberfest celebration, we’ll be doing a quiz focused on Germany, beer, and festivals. Lots of great prizes and specials in a beautiful outdoor space. I really enjoy the heck out of hosting there. And yes, football will be on the TVs. Hope to see you there!

Quizzo This Week

Tuesday night, I’m back in action at Trademan’s (13th and Chestnut). A beautiful outdoor space, gonna be a great night to quiz. Weather looks perfect. Action starts at 7 PM. A lot of people told me they’d quiz if we did it outside…well here’s your chance!

Wednesday, we’re back at Dock Street, where we continue to rock. Packed house. 8 PM start time. Good beer. Let’s do it.

Two quizzes on Thursday. We kick off with a special pop up quiz at the Deli at Dwell (Game time is 7 PM). We had a blast there on Thursday. Quizzo regular Taryn’s team won our inaugural quiz, and she’ll actually be hosting the quiz on Thursday! Quiz is on, rain or shine. If it rains, we’ll move indoors. Really great space, great food, beer on draft or by the 6 pack, nice owners. Come on out.

Carl takes the reins at Birra at 8 PM. Come out to get some great pizza and a great quiz.

On Sunday, I will be hosting a special Oktoberfest quiz at Frankford Hall! It’s a spectacular outdoor space, lots of great German beer, and a special beer/German theme for the quiz.

It’s quizzin’ season, folks!

Quizzo Pop Up at the Deli at Dwell

Trying out a new quizzo spot next week. The Deli at Dwell (2nd and West Thompson) just opened recently and I went there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Beers on draft, four packs you can buy out of the fridge, great food, and best of all, a lovely outdoor space. If you know anybody in the Fishtown area who wants to quiz, tell them to come on out! September 16th, 7 PM. If we get a good turnout, maybe we’ll return more often. Hope to see ya there!

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