A Tie Atop the Leaderboard in Our Regular Quizzes Last Week

Congrats to Chasing Olive and Hydroxychloroquine Latifah (great team name, btw), who tied atop the regular quiz leaderboard with 42. Here are the rest of the scores from last week:

1. Hydroxychloroquine Latifa42
T-1. Chasing Olive42
3. Clizby’s Chocolate room39
4. The Quarantiners38
5. The Covidiots36
6. Self-Contained Hootenanny35
7. Dobby’s Sock34
8. Jawn of the dead33
9. Quick Question33
10. Carole’s Husband33
11. Core-entine29
12. What About Bob?29
13. Team Marren27
14. Socially Distant26
15. Covid Baskin and the Quarantiger Kings14

Results of Monday Night Matchups


The Zodiac Killer$ defeated Internet Explorer to move on to play the winner of Cracked Eggheads vs Yacht Rock, while the Underground Bard surprised Au Bon Pandemic and could face off with old City Tap House rivals the Sofa Kingdom, if the SK gets past CoVideo Killed the Radio Quiz.


In the NIT, it was the Texas City Players Club knocking off the Divine Order of the Grease Pole, earning themselves a second round matchup with Axis of Evil Knieval. In our other NIT matchup, Below Basic pulled away late to come away with a 42-37 win over the Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club. They’ll take on the Stately Plump Buck Mulligans in Round Two.

Everything You Need to Know About The World Cup of Quizzo

Carl and I unveiled the brackets last night and discussed our picks in both brackets. We also broke the tie between Queefer Sutherland and There’s No in Quizzo, talked with Boys II Menehune team member Taryn Kutish, and chatted a bit with Chip Chantry.

So here are the all important brackets, both for Serie A and the NIT. Also click the tab at the bottom for the schedule, so you can see what time your team plays. We’ll start sending out invites today. We’re counting on the games lasting slightly longer than a regular season game, so the times might be slightly different than what you’re used to, but within 20 minutes of what .

I’ve made my picks below, going pretty heavy on the chalk.

Carl isn’t playing it so close to the vest, he picked some major upsets.

This week will be all of the first round games, then next week we’ll do the Sweet 16, then we’re thinking of doing something interesting for the Final Eight. We’ll keep ya updated.

We’ll also be doing sign ups for our next league starting this week. We’ll keep ya updated.

Quizzo Questions…and Gamecast

Thanks to quizzo regular Craig, we’re going to have some fun with some of our previous quizzes. You can play this quiz from last month, then you can check out below what percentage of teams got each individual question correct. Feel free to play along at home for fun if you didn’t play the quiz. Questions in Round 1 are worth 1, Round 2 are worth 2, and Round 3 are worth 3. Questions with stars beside them are worth double.


1. Often seen on TV, Mike Lindell is the inventor of what product?
2. Remember going to the movies? The top-grossing one of 2020, which has the subtitle “for Life“, is the third installment of what franchise?
3. In what city was the fashion house Armani founded?
4. According to Google, the most common internet “how-to” search has to do with this article of clothing.
5. What car part is often stolen for the precious metals it contains, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium?
***6. Who was the first person born in the 21st century to have a #1 Billboard hit?
7. What primetime TV drama set a record last fall when it entered its 21st season?
8. What women’s wrestling league debuted in 1986?

ROUND TWO: The Picture Round. Flags: Name the Country.


1. Stevie Wonder’s best-selling single was released in 1984. What was it called?
2. What historic river will you find in Northern Italy, just south of the city Ravenna?
3. Cindy Lauper wrote the lyrics for what musical that debuted on Broadway in 2013?
4. It’s a fabric made from silk, often found in ball gowns and wedding dresses, and starts with the letter “T”. What is it?
5. Sculling and the eggbeater are moves found in what Olympics sport?
6. In what state do the three most populous cities all begin with the same letter?
7. Music in 3/4 time is known by what 5-letter term?
***8. In the continental US, what’s the largest state by land area entirely east of the Mississippi River, and the smallest state entirely west of it?


Going to the Circus…in 1968

Last week, Frank Fitzpatrick posted on twitter a news story from 50 years previous about a fight breaking out at a Clyde Beatty Circus.

I had never heard of the Clyde Beatty Circus so I looked it up and soon found myself down a strange wormhole of old circuses. A guy named Dennis Furbush used to take his 16 mm camera to circuses back in the day and had some footage of one that took place in Philly, apparently where the Franklin Mills mall is now. The footage was disorganized but spellbinding…it felt like traveling through time back to 1968. Just so much great behind the scenes footage.

I showed the story to a good buddy of mine, and he sent me a text that summed it up perfectly:

It’s funny, even though I understand and mostly agree with all the very good reasons that circuses–or at least that type of circus–don’t exist any more, I know the images and iconography have always stirred something very deep in me.  Something that touches on human beings’ capacity for play and appreciation for the absurd and the strange.  Things that have long felt under threat by the encroaching and suffocating same-ness of a mass-produced culture.  Add to that the communal aspect of it and how far away that now seems, and it makes me deeply sad for something lost forever.  Even if they were really shitty to the animals.

Well sometimes I get a crazy notion in my head and have to create something bizarre, so I decided to make a music video out of it, coupled with music from one of my favorite Philly groups, TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb. I spent way too much damn time on such a crazy project, but I think it came out kind of cool. If you enjoy it, feel free to share.

Sunday Night Signups for May 24

Sign ups for the Sunday Night Lab is now live. Each week we try out new types of rounds, scoring systems, etc. It’s free to play, and we donate 50% of tips to charity. The charity we’re donating to this week is Nourished, who provide healthy meals to over 1300 memebers of frontline hospital workers while also supplying business to local restaurants. It’s a great way to show our support for true Philly essentials while also helping our friends in the restaurant biz, so I was excited to partner with them. (If you’d like to donate without playing, contact Ryan at ryanschu@pennmedicine.upenn.edu) Hope to see you Sunday night!

Sign Ups for Week of May 25

Starting a little early this week with sign ups for next week for our general quiz. If you haven’t played before, it’s pretty simple: you pay $30 and pick your time and put your captains email address. You can have up to 8 players on your team. You’ll get an email from your quizmaster with your zoom address the day of the quiz and forward it to your teammates. Then you’ll meet your quizmaster at the allotted time, your team will work together to answer questions, and the QM will keep your score. At the end of the week, we’ll add up the scores and post them. Hope to see ya next week!

WANNA PLAY THIS WEEK? We’ve still got a few openings here for Thursday and Friday night.


Quizmistress Erin runs her own quiz on Fridays at 5:30 and I’ve been playing most weeks. It’s a ton of fun, and her third round is always a “Family Feud” round which is kind of hilarious. She’s been using answers she uses online, but she wants to start doing some of her own “polls”, so I thought some of you would get a kick out of being a pollster. It’s kind of hilarious and will take like 3 minutes. Just go to the google form and answer the questions. That easy.

The Full Playoff Picture

Things are pretty damn interesting as we head into Week 3 of our tourney. (You can view the full standings here.) Tiebreakers are done by total points. This does NOT account for our four wild card slots. Let’s go pool by pool and see what our playoff picture looks like:

GROUP A: We’ve got a hell of a matchup right out of the gate, with Three time Quizzo Bowl champs, the Cracked Eggheads, going up against the Cinderellas of April Madness, the Tiger Queens. Both are 1-1. Pretty simple: winner advances to Serie A tourney, losing team plays in the Serie B tourney. The Mad Princes are in the Serie A tourney already and the Texas City Players Club is in the B tourney.

GROUP B: This one is way more complicated. 1team1dream, after a heartbreaking OT loss last week, has to face off with the 2-0 Au Bon Pandemic. If Au Bon Pandemic wins and Internet Explorer wins vs Testes Factory, ABP and the Explorers advance. However, if 1Team wins and Testes Factory wins, then 1Team and ABP advance. If 1Team and the Explorers both win, then we’ll have a 3-way tie for first and the two teams that have scored the most points advance. Which will be interesting, because 1Team1Dream and Explorer both have scored 70 points through two weeks. Au Bon Pandemic has 81, so they’re almost certainly going to the Big Dance. FINALLY, believe it or not Testes Factory has a very small chance of advancing. If they, OK who are we kidding, they really have no chance.

GROUP C: Things just got MUCH simpler. The Zodiac Killer and the Queso Regionale are advancing. They play this week to determine who will be a 1 seed. The Axis of Evil Knieval were a team the oddsmakers liked who broke a lot of hearts with last week’s loss.

GROUP D: One of our two Groups of Death, it’s the only Group where all four teams have scored 79 or more points through two weeks. April Madness champs the Social Distance Warriors are up against There’s No I in Quizzo. If the SDW wins and Duane’s World wins over El Tigre, Duane’s World moves on. If There’s No I wins and Duane’s World wins, we’ll have a three way tie for 1st and it will come down to points. If SDW wins and El Tigre wins, then SDW advances and we’ll have a three way tie for 2nd, which will come down to points. I suspect we’ll have at least one wild card slot come out of this pool.

GROUP E: This is a damn good pool, with the top three teams separated by a grand total of 1 point. Pretty simple: Expired Walmart Meat is in. The other spot will go to whomever wins the Careless Fister vs Lamination Station contest.

GROUP F: Boyz II Menehune and Yacht Rock are in. They play each other this week to determine which will be the #1 seed.

GROUP G: I Shaved My Legs for This is in. The winner of Super Spreaders vs Is Quarantine Over will be the other team to advance to Serie A.

GROUP H: DelCovid-19 is in. The winner of Underground Bard vs Divine Order of the Grease Pole will advance as well.

GROUP I: Shout out to Group I, one of only two groups to have ALL of their logos done. If Pearls of Wisdom defeats Not Last Place (who are, indeed, in last place) and Covideo Killed the Radio Quiz beats Quiz Yo, then PoW and Covideo will advance. However, if PoW wins and QuizYo wins, then we’ll have a 3-way tie for first determined by total points. If Not Last Place defeats Pearls of Wisdom and Covideo defeats QuizYo, then we’ll have a three way tie for 2nd determined by total points. Got that? Me either.

GROUP J: Branch Covidians are in. Other slot will be determined by the winner of Missing Heads vs Together Alone.

GROUP K: Missing Wuhan Scientists are in. Winner of three time Quizzo Bowl champs Lambda vs. Covid’s Metamorpheses will get the other slot.

GROUP L: The other group of death, this is, rather remarkably, the only Group where all the teams are 1 and 1. So the winner of our two games, In the Lead vs Queefer Sutherland and Ukraine in the Membrane vs L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, will advance.

GROUP M: Could Sofa Kingdom not finish top 2 in their pool, despite being the second highest scoring team in the entire tournament? They certainly could. If they lose their matchup with Pop Fit Studio, they’re done (though they’ll likely still get a wild card slot). Cool Cats and Kittens are in.

GROUP N: Sweet Hats and Babysitters Fight Club are both in. Synchronized Trampoline, first runners up in April Madness, won’t be making the Serie A tourney.

Scores from Week of May 4

Congrats to I’m Already Failing This, who took the title two weeks ago (Sorry it took me so long to post).

I’m Already Failing This45
Carole’s Husband44
It’s All Pipes42
Quick Question41
Jawnin that Jawn37
Social Blumpkins33
Dobby’s Sock33
Covid Baskin and the quarantiger kings33
The Escape Artists29
The Quarantiners28

Meet the Quizmaster: Carl “Boots” Boccuti

Profession: I manage a community cancer clinic in Delaware County, PA.

List three of your favorite places in Philly. Ashburn Alley. John’s Roast Pork. That part of 95 by the airport where you can hit 100mph without the cops noticing.

What one album would you want with you on a desert island? Talking Heads- Stop Making Sense

What reality show would you be an absolutely terrible contestant on? That one where you eat bugs or whatever.

What would be your theme music if you were a professional wrestler? “Fake” by Five Finger Death Punch (my character is “heel who hates wrestling”)

What famous person do people tell you that you look the most like? Jake Gyllenhaal

What would be your dream job? Crane operator but not on one of those cranes that sit on top of the building they’re building, that’s too scary, call the other guy for that.

What was the worst job you ever had? 2nd string quizzo host

What show/movie/series should people be watching while quarantined? The West Wing. It takes 7 years to finish and entertains the question, “What if America had a chance?”

What’s your favorite dessert? Mallo Cups & Peanut Chews & refrigerated Kandy Kakes. All one course.

Meet the other quizmasters:

Erin the Quizmistress

J Michael

Blake who looks EXACTLY like that guy from Netflix.