Author: Johnny Goodtimes

  • Quizzo This Week

    After several weeks off due to a faulty AC we are BACK at Loco Pez this week, and have a fun wild card round lined up. General knowledge quiz, no theme. Here’s our lineup for this week: MONDAY Loco Pez 7 PM TUESDAY Founding Fathers 8 PM WEDNESDAY Dock Street 8 PM THURSDAY Deli at […]

  • Under Construction

    Hey gang, just to let you know that the website is under construction this week and might be a bit wonky in the meantime. But we’ll still be updating things here and will have a better website rolled out soon!

  • We’re Back! Finally.

    Hey gang, got knocked offline two weeks ago and haven’t been able to post since. And a whoooole lot to talk about. Some I’ll be posting here and some I’ll be posting in an email I’m sending out on Friday. If you want to get the email, click here and sign up. (You should it’s […]

  • Quizzo This Week

    Last week we learned that Charles Nagreen invented the hamburger, Tom Clancy owned the Orioles, and Gustave Eiffel built the framework for the Statue of Liberty. We’re back at it this week, with our usual quizzo fun. I will be hosting at Loco Pez on Monday, then Carl takes over for the rest of the […]

  • Quizzo This Week

    We’re back in business this week, as Carl hosts on Tuesday and Wednesday, then Taryn returns to Deli at Dwell on Thursday night. Make it happen! TUESDAY Founding Fathers 8 PM WEDNESDAY Dock Street 8 PM THURSDAY Deli at Dwell 7 PM Birra 8 PM

  • Quizzo This Week

    I’m back for one more quiz before I really take a break from you people. So if you want to see your dashing young hero in action, tonight’s the night. That said, in true Goodtimes fashion: I will be late. I have a corporate gig at 6:30 so to be safe we’ll be pushing the […]

  • Meet Steve “Know Contest” Bost

    You guys will be getting to know Steve aka “Know Contest” a bit better these next few weeks, as he picks up some summer shifts and starts to do some of his own quizzes. What one album would you want with you on a desert island?The other day, I had a wicked craving to listen […]

  • Quizzo at Julian Abele Park on Thursday Night!

    Shaping up to be a beautiful night for quizzing outdoors on Thursday, as I’ll be hosting a rare Thursday night quiz at the Julian Abele Park at 22nd and Montrose. Here’s the details: Teams of (up to) 6 people, $30 per team, with fabulous prizes for the winners. Cash preferred, Venmo also an option. Bring […]

  • Quizzo This Week

    We’re back to our regularly schedule programming this week, more or less, before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE for the summer. (I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in Virginia over the next month or so, but don’t worry, you’ll be well taken care of.) This week, Carl is out of the country, discovering the […]

  • Quizzo This Week

    Alright, a whole lot going down this week. It’s beer week, so we’ll have a beer round or two snuck in there. Our friends from Thin Man Brewing will be on hand at Founding Fathers on Tuesday night. I’ll be doing a beer week event Monday night at Love City outdoors at 7 that’s open […]