December Sign-Ups are Live!

Looking top play a little quizzo during December? Good news, we got ya covered. Just go here and sign up. And here’s the payment breakdown:

It’s $35 a la carte, or $150 for all 5 weeks (a savings of $25)

Just send your money to @jgtquizzo on venmo, fill in the days you wanna play, and have at it.

We’ll keep track of each week’s scores, and monthly averages for any teams that play 3 or more weeks.

NOTE: I’m not open much after week 1 due to corporate jawns. But who cares you jerks all love J. Michael more tha worry not! I will be hosting some special quizzes this month. More info on those soon.

Black Friday Weekend Sale!

There’s no reason your holiday party has to be an awkward, chaotic gathering in a Zoom room when you’ve got the opportunity to make it the most virtual fun you and your team have ever had instead. Let the Johnny Goodtimes team host your event, and watch the virtual high fives, fist pumps, and trash talk fly. From a basic quiz for 10 people to one with a virtual bartender and customized questions for 300, we can make it work for all budgets and group sizes. And this weekend only, we’re taking $50 off our usual prices.

Want to learn more? Just fill out this short form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with all of your options. Thank you, and hope to see you and your crew soon!

Thanksgiving Food Round

We had a blast at last night’s Thanksgiving Eve quizzo, and we also raised over $400 for the Poor People’s Army (aka PPEHRC)! We’ll put that $ towards heaters.

Congrats to Careless Fister, who won the event in double overtime over Social Distance Warriors. The Very Stable Geniuses also finished with a 94, but fell in the first OT.

We had one of our corniest rounds ever, a Thanksgiving food before and After Round. So in other words if I asked, “What holiday was invented by Shel Silverstein?”, you’d answer “The Thanks-giving Tree.” Answers are after the break. Prepare to roll your eyes when you see them.

  1. It’s the main attraction, isn’t it, A-Aron?
  2. These evergreen dwarf shrubs founded Motown.
  3. Some people like these in a casserole, which they prepare while listening to the 2000 album The Truth.
  4. Others like this in a casserole, which they eat with the former Auburn head coach and Alabama senator.
  5. You’ll find onion, celery and fresh herbs near this region between Rochester and Syracuse.
  6. I recommend gruyere in this dish, which I often make while listening to Jimmy Buffet.
  7. Ingredients include orange juice, cinnamon, marshmallows, motorcycles and pianos.
  8. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, oil a sheet pan, cover with foil, and then head out to Europe’s largest seaport.
1. Tur-key and Peele
2. Cran-berry Gordy
3. String Bean-ie Sigel
4. Sweet Pota-tommy Tuberville
5. Stuf-fingerLakes
6. Macaroni and Cheese-burger in Paradise
7. Candied yam-aha
8. Roasted car-rotterdam

Congratulations to Smells Like Quarantine Spirit!

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit held off a couple of feisty challengers to come away with a win at the Fall Brawl on Sunday. After a disappointing 82 in the Semis that barely got them in as the 8th team, they turned on the afterburners in this one and had a perfect 45 in the Impossible Round, allowing them to slip past the Very Stable Geniuses who led after three. It was back to back wins for the SLQS, who also won the Summer Slam. The quiz featured a 50/50 round that gave people fits and an epic picture round that we’ll post later. I’ll be ordering their title belts this week. Here were the final scores:

  1. Smells Like Quarantine Spirit 98
  2. Underground Bard 91
  3. Very Stable Geniuses 91
  4. Expired Walmart Meat 90
  5. FFSF 89
  6. L. Ron Hubbard 85
  7. Queefer Sutherland 78
  8. Yacht Rock 77

Meet Your Fall Brawl Finalists

  1. Underground Bard. The winners of our World Cup of Quizzo, they then finished 4th in the Summer Slam, losing by a mere 4 points. They are undoubtedly the favorites on Sunday night. VEGAS ODDS: 3/1
  2. Very Stable Geniuses. Not sure what got into their Wheaties, but after finishing 41st in Summer Slam, they put together a 7-3 season followed by a damn impressive 101 in the semis. Would be a hell of a turnaround if they could pull off the upset. VEGAS ODDS: 14/1
  3. Yacht Rock. After winning the Jigsaw division, the Yacht Rock crew put up a monstrous 98 on a tough semifinals quiz. They finished 27th in the Summer Slam, so a title in Fall Brawl would be a hell of a feat. VEGAS ODDS: 25/1
  4. Expired Walmart Meat. The Meat comes in hungry. They were a Final Four team in the World Cup, and finished 5th in Summer Slam. They were the 3rd highest scoring team in the Fall Brawl regular season. They’ve got the 3rd best odds of any team in the Finals. VEGAS ODDS: 7/1
  5. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. A mediocre 5-5 season earned them a wildcard spot, but they seem to be heating up at the right time. A perfect score in the Wild Card playoffs, followed by an 87 in the Semis. Would be a huge upset for this veteran squad, but not outside the realm of possibility…they finished 12th in the Summer Slam. VEGAS ODDS: 35/1
  6. FFSF. The #12 seed (out of 12) in the Nerds Conference, FFSF is the Fall Brawl Cinderella story, the team all of America is rooting for. They shocked Lambda, Zodiac Killers, and Boyz II Menehune in the Wildcard round, then put up a strong 87 in the semis. VEGAS ODDS: 75/1
  7. Smells Like Quarantine Spirit. The winners of Summer Slam, they lost one of their best players in the offseason and we’ve seen their play drop just a bit. But they still ruled the Nerd Conference, and they’re still a dangerous team. VEGAS ODDS: 11/2.
  8. Queefer Sutherland. A 9-1 regular season, but they squeaked into the finals with an 82. Our most experienced team in the finals, will that experience pay off in a championship belt? We’ll find out Sunday. VEGAS ODDS: 12/1

If you’d like to play along with us on Sunday night, it’s easy. Just go to the Johnny Goodtimes Facebook page, where we’ll be streaming live, and sign in on playbigquiz with the Event Key “fallfun”. It’s free to play, though your lovable quizmasters will certainly accept tips. Hope to see ya Sunday!

Thanksgiving Eve Quiz

Thanksgiving in 2020 is going to be…strange. Just like everything else in this godforsakern year. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be fun. So whattya say we spend Thanksgiving Eve together, having a few drinks, heckling JGT, and playing a little quizzo? You can purchase tickets here at eventbrite. $35 covers not just you but your whole team. We’ll also be doing a 50/50 raffle during the quiz, with money raised going to buy heaters for the Poor People’s Army.

No regular season quizzes next week, just this one quiz. Then we’ll be back the following week with a full schedule. Hope to see ya on Wednesday!

Fall Brawl is Almost Over, and We’d Love to Get Your Feedback

We’re at Playoff Week here in the Fall Brawl. It’s been an awesome season, with plenty of twists and turns, and we’re already excited about the next one. Starting in January, Winter War will obviously be utilizing a lot of what has made this season so successful: standings, team logos, quizmaster talk shows, a regularly updated scoreboard, etc. But we’d love to hear your suggestions on how to make things even better. Do us a solid and fill out this brief, three question survey. We’ll incorporate some of your best ideas into Winter War. You’ll also get a 20% off code to Shibe Sports, where we just launched our new Philly Culture series. Thanks!

What a Week!

Well fam, it’s been a damn fun Fall Brawl season. We saw quite a bit of craziness go down. I mean, just look at Week 10:

Texas City Players Club, who did not make the playoffs, shocked Summer Slam Champs Smells Like Quarantine Spirit in an overtime win.

Narcotyzing Dysfunction, staggering in at 3-6 and coming off a pathetic 30 point performance, scored a 49 (didn’t hurt that several of them work at universities) to earn the final wild card bid in the Nerds Conference.

Del-COVID 19 cruised to a 40-33 win over the Drunk Parents in Week 10, earning them a perfect 10-0 record on the year.

Mad Princes, a week after having their dreams of an undefeated season crushed in a one point loss to the Zodiac Killer, returned the favor and knocked off Boyz II Menehune by a single point.

Together Alone, facing the prospect of an 0-10 season, pulled off their first of the season, 36-34, over Pop Fit Studio, who themselves had pulled off their first win of the season the week before.

Covid’s Metamorphoses needed a big Week 10 to get in as the final wild card team…and they did so, scoring an impressive 46. That dropped Little Kwings out of the playoffs…until they scored a 39 and got in as an at large. Which meant heartbreak for QuizYo, Meat Sweats, and Pearls of Wisdom, who all finished with a 38…one point out of the playoffs.

Underground Bard took the scoring title in the Geeks Conference (and overall) with a 49.89. Boyz II Menehune took the crown in the Nerds Conference with a 47.22.

And finally, a shout to There’s No I in Quizzo: they were our only team to finish the season 0-10. There’s gonna be some sort of prize for that.

Great week, great season, and a big week ahead of us. See you guys soon!

The Launch of New Newsletter

As some of you have noticed, I’ve started a newsletter that I send out (almost) every Friday. It’s the Friday Five, similar to what I used to do on the site but I loved the layout of this new email program so much (Flodesk) that I thought I’d move it to a newsletter. It’s a quick and easy read, just a couple of sentences about my favorite things I ate, drank, read and listened to over the previous week (most of it local). If you already signed up for it in the past and haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check your spam and promotional folders. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, what are you waiting for? Next one comes out this afternoon. SIGN UP HERE.

It’s Time to Give Up on America….and Go All in on Philly.

We still don’t know who will win the Presidency yet, but we do know that people (OK, primarily white people) turned out in droves to vote for Donald Trump. More people voted for him this year than in 2016 which is…deflating. Heartbreaking. Infuriating. He has been a catastrophe for the country by any standard and now people want four more years of this madness? Why? It is too much, in an already brutal year, to contemplate.

So don’t. It’s time to give up on America. I certainly have, and it’s kept me mentally and emotionally sane these past few days, no matter what the eventual outcome is (though clearly I am rooting for Biden).

Over the last five years, I found myself expending so much energy angry at what some dipshit in Alabama thought that I wasn’t looking in my own backyard. A backyard that is almost entirely Democrat. A backyard that epically mismanaged, racist, and corrupt.

I get it, the MAGA crowd is a bunch of assholes, and their politics are not only infuriating but are specifically attacks on our core beliefs about decency and humanity. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting to see how filled with hate so many of our fellow Americans are. The point of this post is not in any way to let them off the hook for the hatred and heartlessness that drive their political beliefs. It’s simply giving up hope for them to ever change, and deciding to no longer waste our time trying to convince them to do so.

On the flip side, my boss at my first job had a saying: “When you point the finger, there are four more pointing back at you.” It’s something those of us who consider ourselves Democrats should seriously consider. Because not many greedy developers tearing apart Philly’s black communities to colonize neighborhoods are Republican. The reason some of our young people still don’t have access to wifi isn’t because of MAGA. The reason our schools are filled with asbestos has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

When COVID tore our world apart, I knew I’d go nuts if I didn’t try to to step up my level of activism. So I reached out to various community leaders to see if there was any small way I could help. That led to lots of Zoom meetings, to very frank discussions about race, about opportunity, about the future of Philadelphia. And after listening and soul searching (and trying to keep my own big mouth shut, to varying degrees of success), I came to the following conclusion: if we don’t transfer at least some of the energy we spend being angry about what some random dipshit on Facebook is screaming about “muh freedom” and instead direct it towards creating a better city for our citizens, then we’re wasting our fucking time. Even worse, we’re engaging in performative activism, wearing our “woke ideals” on our sleeves but not willing to put in any actual work.

This isn’t an accusation, and I’m not trying to sound preachy. I’ve done plenty of yelling into the void on twitter, and I’m sure to do plenty more. But I also realize that I need to expend more energy in the trenches. I realize that if we don’t change the way we look at the world (with more emphasis on Philly and less on America), we’re wasting valuable time.

And that time and energy needs to be utilized NOW. COVID is wiping our small businesses off the map. It’s making the gap between the haves and have nots larger than ever. It means more homeless, it means a spike in violent crime, it means an increase in mental health issues. The problems are massive for a city our size. And all the time we spend screaming into the void about the voters of Bedford County, with whom we’ll have essentially zero interaction with in our real lives, is time spent not focusing on our racist police union, our homeless, our 26% poverty rate…things that hundreds of thousands of people right here, in Philadelphia, our neighbors, are dealing with every day.

Look, America as a whole sucks. That became clear in 2016 and the exclamation point was just added on Tuesday. But Philadelphia doesn’t suck. It’s awesome. The people are amazing, there’s an energy here unlike anywhere else on earth, and if I learned anything since March it’s that there are a hell of a lot of AMAZING Philadelphians who are already putting in the real work to try to solve the problems facing our city. But they need help. This city has got a lot of freaking problems. Big problems. And We the People…not City Hall, not Joe Biden, not Comcast…need to step up our games to try to fix them. Therefore, no matter what the end result is of the election, I would encourage anyone reading this to resolve to spend more time in the next four years focusing on what’s happening in their own backyard, and less time worrying about what the MAGA crowd thinks about “muh freedom”. It’s time to give up on America, but it’s damn sure not time to give up on Philadelphia.

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