Sign Ups for Week of June 8

OK, I think we could all use a deep breath here. The seasons and tournaments and so forth have been a lot of fun but also kind of insane and the last thing any of us needs right now is more insanity. So this week let’s take it easy: one quizmaster, one quiz, one team. Cost is $35, with $5 of each sign up going straight to the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. To sign up, just put your team name, captain’s name and email into our Google signup sheet.

Quizzo Update

Hey guys, hope everyone is hanging in there. Wanted to send out a note about upcoming quizzes: we’ll be continuing our tournament for the rest of this week. Anyone who lost last week is welcome to play the regular quiz.

Next week, we’re going back to what we started with: one host, one team, and anyone can play. No tourneys, no season, let’s just get back together and hang out a bit and play some quizzo. For teams that already signed up, we’ll probably still do it in a few weeks, so we’ll hold on to your info for now. (If you paid already, I’ll pay you back.) I’ll have that sign up sheet ready in a few days. Thank you!

A Tie Atop the Leaderboard in Our Regular Quizzes Last Week

Congrats to Chasing Olive and Hydroxychloroquine Latifah (great team name, btw), who tied atop the regular quiz leaderboard with 42. Here are the rest of the scores from last week:

1. Hydroxychloroquine Latifa42
T-1. Chasing Olive42
3. Clizby’s Chocolate room39
4. The Quarantiners38
5. The Covidiots36
6. Self-Contained Hootenanny35
7. Dobby’s Sock34
8. Jawn of the dead33
9. Quick Question33
10. Carole’s Husband33
11. Core-entine29
12. What About Bob?29
13. Team Marren27
14. Socially Distant26
15. Covid Baskin and the Quarantiger Kings14

Sign Ups for Week of May 25

Starting a little early this week with sign ups for next week for our general quiz. If you haven’t played before, it’s pretty simple: you pay $30 and pick your time and put your captains email address. You can have up to 8 players on your team. You’ll get an email from your quizmaster with your zoom address the day of the quiz and forward it to your teammates. Then you’ll meet your quizmaster at the allotted time, your team will work together to answer questions, and the QM will keep your score. At the end of the week, we’ll add up the scores and post them. Hope to see ya next week!

WANNA PLAY THIS WEEK? We’ve still got a few openings here for Thursday and Friday night.

Scores from Week of May 4

Congrats to I’m Already Failing This, who took the title two weeks ago (Sorry it took me so long to post).

I’m Already Failing This45
Carole’s Husband44
It’s All Pipes42
Quick Question41
Jawnin that Jawn37
Social Blumpkins33
Dobby’s Sock33
Covid Baskin and the quarantiger kings33
The Escape Artists29
The Quarantiners28

Quizzo Sign Ups for Week of May 18

Sign ups are live for this week’s regular quizzes! Even if you’re not in the World Cup, you can still have fun with your friends and play with some of our best quizmasters, all for just $30 per team.

For those of you who haven’t done so before, the game is played as follows: you and up to 7 of your teammates join a quizmaster in Zoom, who asks you three rounds of 8 questions each and keeps your score.

Hosting a Special Quizzo for CeasefirePA on Sunday; You’re Invited

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 4.21.27 PM

I’ve seen a lot of people on social media lately who are outraged at the NRA and frustrated by the lack of progress in gun control. And I suspect a lot of you are curious as to how you could help. Well here is a great opportunity to find out how and to have a lot of fun doing it. I will be hosting a quizzo on Sunday (Just a general quiz, not a gun theme or anything) and there will be reps from CeasefirePA to talk about what you can do to make an impact when it comes to gun control. I interviewed Ceasefire PA’s executive director Shira Goodman about the program and how people can get involved.

JGT: What exactly is Ceasefire PA’s mission?
SHIRA: We work — through education, policy advocacy and coalition-building —  to reduce gun violence and gun tragedies in Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to empower every Pennsylvanian with the tools, information, and confidence to take a stand against gun violence.
JGT: How did you get involved in the organization and what is your current role?
SHIRA: I joined as Executive Director in 2012, a position I still hold.  I have been working in the nonprofit public policy world in PA since 2002.  I am blessed not to have a personal tragedy related to gun violence, but I work every day to honor those lost and those families and survivors who are fighting so that others will not have to know their pain.
JGT: How can people who care deeply about gun violence in America get involved to help a) prevent mass shootings like we see now regularly nationally and b) stop making illegal weapons so accessible here in Philadelphia?
SHIRA: We need people to make this issue a voting issue. They need to talk to their elected officials — and those who want to be their elected officials — about gun violence and the particular issues they are concerned about.  They can get involved by signing up for our email alerts about policy and legislation. We’ll let them know what issues are coming up for votes and how to contact their officials about those issues.  They can donate to support the work we do.
JGT:  Do you feel like there’s been any sort of shift in the national dialogue on this issue or has the NRA completely stifled political dissent?
SHIRA: The NRA is powerful, but ultimately, they represent only a small portion of gun owners, and even a smaller portion of Americans.  Those of us who disagree with the NRA need to do what they do — speak up and keep speaking up, make this a voting issue, and don’t give anyone a pass for failing to work for a safer America.
JGT: Why should people attend on Sunday?
SHIRA: Sunday is going to be a great time.  While people are playing your Quiz, they’ll also be supporting a great cause.  We’ll have information available to show folks how to get involved, but this is really a fun event.  And, the Eagles are off. So, it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Pics and Scores of Last Week’s Quiz



  1. In the Lead 115
  2. Motor City of Brotherly Love 109
  3. Boobs Are a Bonus 94



  1. Chris & Kevin & the Stolen Teammate 102
  2. Jawn F Kennedy 97 (won tiebreaker)
  3. Irritable Owl Syndrome 97



  1. Lost Paper 120
  2. Underground Bard 117
  3. Insert Witty Team Name Here 96
  4. Particles in Her Box 96


  1. Hispanic at the Disco 123
  2. Synch Trampoline 121
  3. Quizzo for Christ 120



  1. 21 to Drink. 6 Figures to Sleep Over 121
  2. Tempura House 120
  3. Comey Comey Chameleon 113


  1. They All Look the Same 106
  2. Hufflepuff Ryde or Die 1104
  3. Governor Quiz Quiztie 93


  1. The Juice is Loose 108
  2. They Thought That Was the Game 84
  3. Mac Attack 78



  1. CGA 122
  2. New Point and a Unicorn 106
  3. A Team Has No Name 98

Those Steak Em Up Guys and I Are in A Documentary. About Quizzo. Seriously.

A few years ago, some of you old schoolers might remember, we had video cameras following us each week at the Bards for a while. The result was this…believe it or not…a full length film about quizzo. And after watching it, I’ll think you’ll agree, Garbo is well on his way to Hollywood superstardom. Actually, this is a very fun film. I think you’ll dig it. If you do, please feel free to share it on facebook and twitter.