The Double Bs Round.

1.This group performed their first show at SeaWorld Orlando in 1993.
2.His estimated worth is $28 million thanks to sales of his Tae Bo videos.
3.A pseudo holiday built around this retired athlete’s contract is celebrated every July 1st.
4.This show created by Loren Bouchard debuted on January 9th, 2011.
5.She used to host Wild On E!
6.Lead Belly recorded his version of this song in 1939; Ram Jam covered it in 1977.
7.He had an ironic hit with the song “Welcome to the Internet” in 2021.
8.According to IMDB users, two of the top 5 TV shows of all time fit the category. One was a show, one was a miniseries. Name both.
Here was the impossible round this week. Two words in each answer started with the letter B. Answers below.

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