Johnny Goodtimes was born in Nassawadox, Virginia in the 1970s. In high school, Johnny played against Allen Iverson in summer league b-ball, and rumor has it that Johnny shut him down. He graduated from Radford University in 1997, and moved to Hawaii in 1998. In Hawaii, Johnny served as a dolphin trainer for a few years (facts) before returning to the mainland.

Goodtimes moved to Philly in October 2001. He began hosting Quizzo at Nick’s Roast Beef in August of 2002 after seeing Irish John host one and thinking, “What if someone did this, but was nice?” At the time there was virtually no such thing as quizzo (or pub quiz, as tools in other parts of the country call it) in the US. JGT was for all intents and purposes the third host in Philly, after Pat Hines and Irish John. 

He has hosted more quizzos than anyone else in America, organizes and hosts the longest running team trivia championship in America (Quizzo Bowl), and has been named Philly’s Best Quizzo by Philly Mag. 

In 2013, JGT became part owner of Shibe Sports at 13th and Walnut. In 2018, he began hosting the podcast The Philly Blunt with quizzo regular Violations Greg and with underground rap legend Reef the Lost Cauze. Goodtimes is married with a son, Lil Ace, who he’s hoping to put to work any day now. JGT’s greatest achievement was winning the 2006 Rock Paper Scissors Philadelphia City Championship. 

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