Battle of the JGTs

Ok, so here’s one I’ve been waiting to get around to for over a week. Halloween turned out to be somewhat surreal for me, as 3 of my best friends decided to go as Johnny Goodtimes. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Holy s***, Johnny, 3 people went as you for Halloween? You must be bigtime.” Now, if these were 3 strangers, I would say “Yes, I am f***ing bigtime.” However these were all close personal friends of mine, and I know how they operate. i.e. “Oh crap, it’s Halloween night at 6 p.m. and I don’t have a costume. Maybe I could just wear some ridiculous clothes and a sportcoat and go as JGT.” Which is essentially how it all went down. Let’s see which JGT was best.

artJGT #1. Trivia Art. Debonair, but where’s the hair? A wig would have given Trivia Art the win. Still, the martini glass and the scorecard are nice touches. We like it. Score: 7 (on a 1-100 scale).


JGT #2. Nate D. (right). called me the night of Steve-O’s party and asked if he could borrow an outfit, as well as the mic. I did him one better and scored him a wig. A very authentic outfit, but required little work on Nate’s part. Still, Nate scored big with his bump and grind routine with Steve-O before leaving the party. Score: 7.

JGT #3. Chip Chantry (left). I knew Nate was going to the party as me. Not so for Chip. Thus when I arrived at the party and there were two JGT’s (Art was elsewhere), I remarked, “This just went from surreal to Lynch.” Were Chip actually capable of growing a beard, and he had grown one, this would have been quite the ensemble. As it was, he painted a beard on, which really came across as little more than creepy. Still, we gotta give Chip credit, he put together the entire ensemble himself. Score: 7.

We have a three way tie. I only see one way to break this. A vote!

10 thoughts on “Battle of the JGTs

  1. BMT, you're simply jealous because it would occur to no one at no time in no possible universe to go out on Halloween as BMT. (Many people, however, were probably wishing that they could put together a credible Bob T. costume.)

    As for this poll for the best JGT, it has to be Nate by a landslide. The hair and the mic are nice touches, but the incredibly tasteless shirt and sports jacket perfectly capture the essence of JGT.

  2. That's it. Next Halloween I'm breaking out some pink pants, aquiring a buffalo accent, and walking around with a cute blond on my arm. Bmt, your greatness shall be recognized.

  3. You're the pepperoni on my pizza; you're the fried onions on my cheese steak; you're my soft pretzel (with lots of yellow mustard)! You! You're simply wonderful! You!

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