Hurtin Bombs Record Perfect Score; Goodtimes Vows Revenge

It was a packed house at the Bards last night, and when the dust settled, one team did what only two teams have ever done before; they recorded a perfect score. And the Hurtin Bombs needed to answer every single question correctly, because even with a perfect score, they barely held off the Kingdom, who only missed one question. “I knew this was a fairly easy quiz after a team got a 117 at the Good Dog,” said Goodtimes. “But I wasn’t feeling extremely well so I didn’t compensate by adding a couple of tougher questions at the Bards. I regret that now. As a quizmaster, it is a sign of failure to surrender a perfect game. Therefore, I am declaring that next week will be ‘Nobody Scores 100 Week’ and the questions are going to be harder than hell. I’m sick of this s***.” As mentioned earlier, this was only the third perfect score in JGT Quizzo history, the other two having occurred at the Bards as well. The Kingdom did it in 2005, and the Narcotyzing Dysfunktion did it a mere four months ago. Goodtimes was ungracious about the perfect game, and stormed out of the Bards moments after the contest, vowing revenge. “We’ll see how everybody does next week, when I start asking questions about obscure Etruscan poets and the early history of laundry detergent. This is War!”

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