Year in Review October-November


October was pretty much dedicated to watching the Phillies make a another run for the title, a run that ended just short of the goal. But man we had fun on the trip. That included my rap above and the Back to Back rap here. And then of course there was the LA writer I skewered after he dissed Phils fans after Game 4. And the Phils fan who made the near fatal mistake of celebrating on top of a moving cab.


This actually occurred on October 31st, but in November, we voted for the winner in the Battle of the JGTs.

Sam, who occasionally plays quizzo while he’s shooting darts at the Bards and O’Neals, wins $1 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Visited Gettysburg for the first time ever and had a blast. Also learned about Dan Sickles, who nearly single-handedly lost the Battle of Gettysburg for the Union.


I bought a bunch of old Philly postcards, and did research on the old buildings on them. We learned some really cool stuff here, like the architect who died broke after designing the Divine Lorraine, the Super Sweet Sixteen party held at the Bellevue in 1926, and of course the House of Orphans of Oddfellows.

The Allen Iverson Haiku Contest.

Honest Gabe’s Suicide Prevention Hotline (NSFW).

Controversy erupts in comments section over the way Steak Em Up is comprised.

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