Back on My Grind for the Double M to tha X (Or DMX)

2010Alright Peeps, vacation is over. I had a good one. Went up to New Hampshire for 5 days, came back, hosted a little quizzo, then headed down to the Eastern Shore of VA to spend New Years there. Lots of relaxing, reading, and playing board games. But now it’s back to the Big City, back to getting my grind on (as we say in quizmaster circles). And in a New Year, lot’s of new projects to get cracking on. First and foremost, Quizzo Bowl VI. Still need to find a spot. Any suggestions would be welcome. Also, want to a) write and produce a play for the Fringe Festival and b) start working on my novel this year. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m not exactly the best at following through on stuff, so we’ll see, but those are my two big goals for 2010. We’ll see. Nonetheless, the quizzo frivolity will go on as scheduled. All 6 quizzes this week for the first time in a while, and the resumption of French Fry Thursdays after a lengthy hiatus. Question of the week coming soon. Good to be back in town. Hope to see you guys this week.

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