Congrats AW on Best Worst X-Mas Story!

IMG_0446We had to go to a run off because we had such a close contest, and in overtime AW was able to pull it off. Congrats to AW, who wins a $20 gift certificate to Sidecar Bar and Grille, a t-shirt from, and a large bottle of Sly Fox Christmas Ale. Dating Survival, who finished 2nd, wins a $25 gift certificate to the Swift Half. Want to thank everyone for participating and voting, and our sponsors for supplying the great prizes. Here is the winning entry for worst opening to a Christmas novel. 

Santa glanced from the List as Mrs. Claus entered, ensconced in an aura of steaming cinnamon-sugar cookies. Their eyes locked. After so many millenia, the ache still crept up his core whenever he spied her dowdy silver ‘do, her horn-rimmed bifocals, and the plump, fleshy rolls bursting from her frumpy gingham jumper. He stood and slid his fuzzy gloves seductively along her ample midriff …

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