Denver Starts Talking Smack Early (NSFW)

Geek Bowl isn’t until January, but that doesn’t mean those idiots our friends in Denver haven’t started talking trash already. Several of our regular teams are called out here. But good news, Philly. As you saw last week when a writer in San Fran dissed our city, I am a badass when it comes to flame wars. I mean, seriously, I was raised on hip-hop and pro wrestling. I can talk some s***. You can expect a heated response by early next week. It will be ruthless, and people will cry.

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2 thoughts on “Denver Starts Talking Smack Early (NSFW)

  1. Sorry to be the one to tell you, JGT, but you are not a “badass” at anything, unless you mean it in the sense that Richard Simmons is a “badass” at aerobics.

  2. Sofa Kingdom? Dwayne’s World? Lambda Lambda Lambda? Almost as unoriginal as Trust Us, We’re Doctors.

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