Westward Quiz-ho, Episode 1

Some of you may remember that back in January the members of Sofa Kingdom, Jam Master Phil, and I headed out to Denver for their Geek Bowl. Well, I shot plenty of video while we were on our trip, but unfortunately, I lost my recharger while I was there. So I’ve sat here with all this great footage and no way to put it on my computer. Well, I finally broke down and spent $100 for the new recharger, and I’ve started to edit the video. Today I present Episode 1, where we get drunk on the plane, enjoy all Englewood, Colorado has to offer, and stay out later than we planned.

3 thoughts on “Westward Quiz-ho, Episode 1

  1. I'm glad JGT went spendthrift so we could join you guys. I truely rooted for “the most hated team in Philly” to win it all in Denver. Thanks for letting us in on the fun. When I was the average age of your team, I used to travel throughout North America like that to play competitive softball. This clip reminded me so much of the good times I had back then. I'm looking forward to the next segment.

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