Getting Engaged…Via Quizzo

A few weeks ago, quizzo regular Matt Ortman asked me to help him propose to his girlfriend Katherine. Some of you old schoolers might remember that I had performed this ritual several years ago**, and I pitched the idea to Matt that we do this one in a similar fashion: by spelling out the BIG QUESTION via quizzo answers. (These were all different questions than last time, btw.) Let’s see if you can figure it out. I had one team pick up on it early, but pretty much everybody else there (including the lady in question) had no clue that something was up as I asked the first round questions. The answers (and more importantly, her answer) after the jump.

  1. The Caribou and the moose actually belong to what family of animals?
  2. Three of Henry VIII’s wives had the same first name. What was it?
  3. Where on the body will you find the acqueos humor and the hyaloid canal?
  4. What’s the last name of Kurt Cobain’s former wife?
  5. What is a female sheep called?
  6. By George, he’s written a conservative column for the Washington Post since the 1970s and also written several books about baseball.
  7. What letter came before the word boat in the name of these German submarines used in both World War I and World War 2?
  8. Queen Elizabeth I had this Queen of Scots executed for treason in 1587.
  9. What is the postal code for Maine?
  10. Questlove doesn’t normally start his name with a Q, but with this, sometimes called an interrogation point?

  1. deer
  2. Katherine
  3. Eye
  4. Love
  5. Ewe
  6. Will
  7. U
  8. Mary
  9. ME
  10. ?

The timing between me, Matt, and the wait staff was a little off, so the waitress Shelly broke out the champagne right after I announced the scores but before I handed papers back so Katherine could read what was written. Fortunately, Katherine didn’t pick up on it. “I thought we were celebrating our perfect first round score,” she told me later. I then handed back the papers, and announced, “Can Katherine Jenq please read the answers to Round One. She read them, laughed, and then SHE SAID YES.

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