When the Travel Channel Came to Quizzo

Couple of notes from last night:

  • The reason that I was using my own music for intro and weekly double wasn’t because I was shamelessly self promoting. It was because it is the only music I have that I have the rights to. And without having the rights, they can’t play it on the TV.
  • Samantha Brown is very nice. And quite cute. She also had a sore throat, so that’s why she was a little hard to hear. I wish the crowd could have been a little more subtle than screaming “SPEAK LOUDER! WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!” when she started to speak. After she got done, she said, “Rough crowd,” to which I responded, “Welcome to Philadelphia.” I doubt she gets screamed at at most of the other cities she visits.
  • There was one guy at last night’s quiz who seemed really angry that there was a TV crew there. I mean, really, really angry. When the camera guys came by his table, he was like, “Go away! No seriously, do you not hear me? Go away!” Simmer down, home skillet. If the purity of your quizzo was sacrificed by the TV thing, there is a new quiz tonight. No TV cameras. No celebrity appearances. Just you, me and 40 questions. Oh, and the other teams. If it was just you and me it would be kind of weird.
  • For those who think I just sold out, all I can say is, “Puh-leeez. I sold out years ago. See Traffic.com, MyFOXPhilly, Comcast On Demand, etc. I’ve been a corporate hack for years.”
  • There was a team named “Samantha Brown, Buy Us a Round”. At the end of the game, she bought them a round.
  • The show will probably air around May sometime.

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