Exhausted Nihilist Pull Off Shocker at Johnny Goodtimes Autumn Invitational

IMG_2194They were packed to the rafters at the City Tap House on Sunday, and when the dust settled, we had ourselves an upset victory that sent shockwaves through the local nerd community. The game seemed all but over when the villainous Steak Em Up crew took the lead after 3 rounds. Going into the 4th with a lead is usually Mariano Rivera time for the Steak, who almost never lose a lead late. It looked like the winners of the Summer Invite were going to take the Autumn Invite as well and burnish their legend.

But the Exhausted Nihilists had other ideas. The Nihilists, who had finished 9th in the Final JGTAI standings, got 9 out of 10 right in the final round to come from behind and edge the Steak 103-102. It was a startling upset, though perhaps it shouldn’t have been…the Nihilist had knocked off Steak Em Up this past Tuesday at O’Neals. Nonetheless, it was a memorable final round, as they were the only team to answer both the white running back question and the Ebert question correctly (I’ll post 4th round questions later today.) In fact, the one they missed was one a lot of teams got right, the “Slam Dunk” question. Nonetheless, they got the other 9 right, Steak missed the Running back and Ebert question, and we had ourselves a shocker.

They were far from the only winners on this afternoon however. Look Up Look Down won a free Happy Hour for 10 friends at the City Tap House for earning the most physical challenge points. Insert Topical Team Name Here won a $150 gift certificate for winning the drawing. The Inglorious Barristers won a $75 gift certificate for knowing how tall K2 was. But the finest prize went to the last place team, who earned one of the hottest VHS tapes on the market today…It Takes Two, starring the Olsen Twins, Steve Guttenberg, and Kirstie Alley. You want to talk about some wacky misadventures! You don’t even know the half of it!

And of course, it goes without saying that Anthony Riley was a total hit. Philadelphia’s best known busker proved that he has as fine a voice as anyone in the city. And he was happy to do a vocal round, even though I didn’t even hit him up with the idea until Sunday morning. A splendid performance. It’s always awesome to work with someone that talented and gracious.

Finally, I just want to thank everybody for coming out. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and the fact that you guys came out to play a little quizzo and listen to a few tunes was really awesome. One of my favorite things about doing this for a living is that we have a really cool community, and it’s always really fun when everybody from all 6 bars are together at one place. Thanks again. Scores are after the jump.

  1. Exhausted Nihilists 103
  2. Steak Em Up 102
  3. The Champs for Tom Cruise 86
  4. Tubular Two 86
  5. Barackula 81
  6. Duane’s World 79
  7. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 77
  8. 1022 77
  9. Missing Heads 75
  10. Inglorious Barristers 75
  11. Savage Ear 71
  12. Ebonic Plague 71
  13. Why Can’t Us 69
  14. Look Up Look Down 67
  15. Better Than Belle 65
  16. Barstool Racers 58
  17. Insert Topical Team Name Here 56
  18. Midterm Erections 50

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