Harry Potter Quiz Coming Soon, Quizzo Cxled Tonight Due to Birds

Here’s a few notes from Mike Minion, whose got a few fun new wrinkles to add to his quizzes, and an upcoming Harry Potter quizzo.

Due to the Eagles game, there will be NO quizzo at the Westbury tonight.   I guess Eagles fans don’t like being reminded that smart people exist. Anyway, the Westbury has 7 or 8 big screen TV’s, so you might as well head on over to watch the game.  John Edgar of Duane’s World will be behind the bar, and as usual, there are plenty of tap and bottle specials.  The Westbury has a wonderful selection of craft beers, and Chuck (the owner) always puts at least one or two on special at a ridiculously low price.

Tomorrow at Terrace taproom is on.  I will be unveiling a few new features to my quiz, including a challenge round, where teams compete for prizes.  Details tomorrow.  This will be a regular feature from now on.  Also to be added is a pre-quiz “Mike Minion Gives Away his Library and Record/CD Collection” round.  I’ll have details on this tomorrow as well.

In other news, last week’s Harry Potter theme round was so well received that the folks at The Ugly American have asked for an all Harry Potter quiz.  That’s right folks; all forty questions will be about The Boy Who Lived and his world. This special quiz will be on Monday, December 13 at 8 PM. In addition to the standard prizes for 1st and 2nd place, there will be many other cool prizes.  More details as we get closer to the date, but no Potter fan should miss this one.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the teams from Manayunk who made it to yesterday’s Invitational.  Every Tuesday night, we have a great time out at the Taproom, and some strong teams have started to emerge. Better than Belle and a combined Ebonic Plague/Battlecat and the Transvestite team made the trip in and did themselves proud.  The only team out of over 20 in attendance to get a perfect music round was EP/BatT.  Congratulations!

Stayed tuned this this channel for more announcements in the very near future.  See ya at a quizzo in your neighborhood SOON!!!

One thought on “Harry Potter Quiz Coming Soon, Quizzo Cxled Tonight Due to Birds

  1. Alas, dear Mike, the Evil Empire also nailed that round. My unabashed adoration of Rascal Flatts glowed rosy that day! That’s right! I said it! The MVP of that round goes to Mr. Kenney who decapitated me with his steely gaze when I opened my yap to insist someone other than the Temptations sang “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” From queen to dumbass in four questions. Such is the tragic beauty of Quizzo.

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