The Final JGTAI Standings

autumninviteAfter a wild 8 weeks, here are our final standings. Several things to note. First of all, we are gonna be able to fit 25 teams into this thing (and perhaps one or two more if there are several 4 person or less teams.)

If you are in light blue, you are in and in the top 10, so are therefore eligible for the extra $100. Teams that are in forest green either aren’t playing or are teaming up with another team to make one team. Teams in yellow, congrats, you made the cut and have indicated that they are playing. Teams that are in grey, I do not know yet whether they are playing or not. I will contact them all this evening and see. Therefore, teams that are in olive green (7-10 points), do not give up hope yet. ¬†There is an excellent shot you could get in. I should know for sure by tomorrow morning, so check back then. Also,¬†teams that are going to be 4 people or smaller, please let me know. I might team you up with another team or let another team into the event. We want to maximize our space, but we also want teams to be there who made an honest effort to earn an invite. The latest details on the event are right here. Maximum team size is 8. If you’ve got any questions please feel free to drop me a line or post below in comments.

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