Deets on the Autumn Invitational

citytaphouseTIME: 3 p.m. Sunday, November 14th.

PLACECity Tap House. 3925 Walnut. Really cool bar, really good food.

PRIZES: $300 for the winner. $150 for 2nd place. $100 bonus drawing between the Top 10 teams. And plenty of other goofy stuff.

COST: $10 a head.

ENTERTAINMENT: Anthony Riley performing Motown hits between rounds. Comedian Doogie Horner hosting the 50/50 round.  And, needless to say, yours truly dressed in his Sunday finest.

SPECIALS: Yes, and good ones too. Gonna be $3 and $4 craft beers on draft, $3 Sly Fox cans, and app and pizza specials.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE EAGLES?: They don’t play until Monday.

WILL IT BE FUN? Yes, guaranteed.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I QUALIFIED? I will post final standings tomorrow. If you are in the Top 25 and don’t have an invitation yet, contact me here ( or on facebook.

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