Last Chance Thursday!

french fryHere it is, folks. If you are trying to earn an invite, or trying to sneak into the Top 10 for the Bonus drawing, tonight is your last chance. A whole new quiz. And I gotta admit, the quizzes have really been pretty good lately. I feel like I’m kind of “locked in” right now with questions. The way things are looking now, I think a team can squeak in with 8 points.

Action starts at the Ugly American at 8 p.m. This is your best shot for a win. Things have been kind of mellow lately (Of course I said that Tuesday about O’Neals and everyone living within a 6 block radius came out to quizzo that night), so come on down. If $1 corn dogs can’t entice you to play, then quite frankly, I don’t know what will.

On to the Bards at 10:15 p.m. We’ve been having a lot of fun at a rejuvenated Bards lately. Things have been poppin’ the past few weeks. They have completely rehabbed the place. Swing by if you haven’t lately. $3 Lagers and Miller Lites. And yes, I’ll be giving away fries at both spots. And needless to say, at least one round tonight will be honoring our Veterans. Hope to see ya tonight!

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