Updated Top 20

Wanna see your team on the Top 20 list? Join the SUMMER SLAM! and see how you fare from week to week. Shout out to our six teams who make their first appearance on the Top 20 this week.

  1. Social Distance Warriors (same). Tied for the 5th highest score this past week. A finalist in both of our tourneys, they head into Summer Slam as our top seed.
  2. Underground Bard (same). Their win in the World Cup keeps them at #2 for now, but after a 13th place finish this past week, the #3 team is breathing down their necks.
  3. Cool Cats and Kittens (+3). They’ve dominated many Sunday nights, and now they’ve been #1 on back to back weeks of regular season games. They could be #1 within a week.
  4. Boys II Menehune (-1). Took the week off, but finished 3rd last week.
  5. Zodiac Killer (+1). Second highest score last week, 9th highest this week.
  6. Expired Walmart Meat (-2). Tied for 4th last week, tied for 10th this week.
  7. Lambda (+1). An impressive 2nd place performance this week.
  8. Yacht Rock (+2). Tied for 4th last week, 4th this week.
  9. Careless Fister (-2). Tied for 5th this past week.
  10. Au Bon Pandemic (Previously unranked). Tied for 4th last week, tied for 5th this week.
  11. Covid’s Metamorpheses (Previously unranked). Tied for 5th this week, and tied for 7th last week.
  12. Hot Bleach Injection (Previously unranked). These New Kids on the Block have a bunch of hits! 7th place last week, 3rd Place this week.
  13. Duane’s World (-1). Tied for 13th this past week.
  14. Super Spreaders (Previously unranked). Tied for 16th this past week, 10th last week.
  15. Sofa Kingdom (-4). Slip slidin’ away.
  16. Pop Fit Studio (previously unranked). 21st last week, 10th this week.
  17. Branch Covidians (-8). Didn’t play this week, 14th last week.
  18. L Ron Hubbard (-3). 15th last week, 29th this week.
  19. Babysitter’s Fight Club (-2). 16th last week, a complete train wreck this week.
  20. Stately Plump Buck Mulligans (Previously Unranked). 13th last week, 21st this week.

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