Babysitters Fight Club

The team started primarily as a group of co-workers at the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness at CHOP, but we’ve expanded as people have invited their trivia-interested friends to play with us.

Bars Repped

We generally split where we play based on the time of the year. Locust Rendezvous ends up being the late fall/winter/early spring bar. We had planned to move to Dock Street South once the days got longer, but obviously those plans are on hold.


We do a mass mailing to everyone prior to any quiz, so while the active roster at any quiz is a max of 8, we’ve got a pretty large reserve pool. I’ll list those who have played with us in the last few months: Craig, Kellie, Holly, Lia, Evan, Adam, Jesse, Caroline, Folasade, Anna, Jeremy, Tom

Claims to Fame

We might’ve top-10’ed the last couple of Quizzo Bowls, but no big wins.