Underground Bard

Underground Bard

Originally founded by members of the late, lamented theater troupe, The Underground Shakespeare Company, Underground Bard has been quietly dominating the Quzzio scene since 2012! A fixture of City Tap House before they kicked Johnny to the curb, where they were despised by Penn students who couldn’t get a win. Over the years, team mates have come and gone, got married, got divorced, moved to Canada…one guy even lost a leg! (He’s fine.) Nearly ten years on, only one original team member remains, J. Michael, but like a major leaguer well past his glory days, he mostly just gives wrong answers and bores everyone with tales of his winning seasons. For the Quizzo World Cup, Underground Bard has spun-off a sister team: Mad Princes, made up of the most senior players…except J. Michael, who they left clinging desperately to his youth.

Bars Repped


City Tap House


J. Michael (Captain)

Claims to Fame

  • World Cup of Quizzo Champions 2020
  • Geek Bowl 2013 in Austin, Texas (Placed 22nd out of 200)

Top Scores

World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Round 252
World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Elite 852
Summer Slam 2020Week 351
Summer Slam 2020Week 150
Summer Slam 2020Week 650
World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Round 149
World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Final Four49
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 348
World Cup of QuizzoChampionship Game48
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 247
Summer Slam 2020Week 847
Summer Slam 2020Week 444
Summer Slam 2020Week 744
Summer Slam 2020Week 241
Summer Slam 2020Week 540
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 135