This Week’s Scores

Congrats to the Cool Cats and Kittens, who had our highest score again this week. Updated Top 20 coming out later today. Have to think they’re going to move up from their current #5 spot. Here were all of our team scores from the past week.

Cool Cats and Kittens52
Lambda Lambda Lambda48
Hot Bleach Injection46
Yacht Rock45
Au Bon Pandemic43
Social Distance Warriors43
Covid’s Metamorphoses43
Careless Fister43
The Zodiac Killer$42
Pop Fit Studio40
Expired Walmart meat40
Underground Bard40
Duane’s World39
Below basic39
Narcotyzing Dysfunktion39
Tony! Toni! Menehune!38
Super Spreaders38
The Missing Heads37
Quiz on my Face36
Together Alone36
Stately Plump Buck Mulligans35
There’s No I in Quizzo35
Chasing Olive35
City Tap35
The Quarantiners34
Carole’s Husband33
Synchronized Trampoline33
L Ron32
Hallmark Hot32
Not last place32
Quick Question29
Babysitters Fight Club29
Joshy Rich’s Close Touch Salon29
Socially Distant28
Kings of Leon26
Meat Sweats26
Jawn of the dead25
Tuesday night Quizzo club25
The Escape Artists24
Red Dong19
Dobby’s Sock16

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