Pop Fit Studio

Team captains Christine and Pat met at a trivia night about 10 years ago at Gallaghers (which no longer exists). Christine thought Pat was a know it all and in fact he does know it all. They later married, moved the suburbs, had a baby and opened Pop Fit Studio in Havertown.

Bars Repped


Our team is a group of our studio staff and clients: Jamie, Tim, Beth, Jess, Margie, Liz and team captains Pat and Christine

Claims to Fame

We haven’t played quizzo in a long time. Moving to the burbs and having a baby has limited our going out time. Virtual quizzo has given us the opportunity to play again.

Top Scores

World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Round 147
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 146
Summer Slam 2020Week 544
Summer Slam 2020Week 638
Summer Slam 2020Week 734
Summer Slam 2020Week 333
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 230
Summer Slam 2020Week 128
Summer Slam 2020Week 428