Covid’s Metamorphoses

Of Covid’s Metamorphoses the origins are ultimately obscure. All that is known is that up from the bogs of Scotland (Chris), the pubs of Ireland (Liam), the sands of Saudi Arabia (Leena), the industrial wastes of New Jersey (John-Paul), the rude forests of Virginia (Claudia) and Oregon (Sonja), the mists of Washington (Greg), the forbidding tundra of Michigan (Rebecca), the fiery rivers of northeast Ohio (Emily), the slaughterhouses of southwest Ohio (Guy), and the cheesy steaks of Philadelphia (Kevin) has arisen a titanic quizzical juggernaut whose occasional victories at the Rendezvous and the Bard’s form but the tip of the intellectual iceberg that is their collective trivial knowledge. The pennant atop of which reads, “Venimus, vidimus, vicimus”. – Caveat adversarius.

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Chris, Liam, Leena, John-Paul, Claudia, Sonja, Greg, Rebecca, Emily, Guy, Kevin

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