Cool Cats & Kittens

Cool Cats and Kittens began on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where George Washington gave a college his name (as well as fifty Guineasand a dream). Eventually, we landed in/near Philly and began frequenting the New Deck and the Bards where we met up with this dude of leisure and started playing his Quizzo game under other names such as “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” and “Paid Volunteers”. Some of us even managed to make cameos in the “Legend of Sofa Kingdom” (2012) While time and the winds spread us far from each other, a few Quizzo bowls here and there and COVID brought a core of us back together with some new faces to round out our team diversity.

Bars Repped

We rep the Bards by way of the Blue Bird and in Chestertown, MD and Norris’ poorhouse. We’re in, we’re (mostly) perfect, but most importantly, we’re hooray!


Christine “Pierogi” Kaminski Brozyniak
Sarah “Gus-Gus” Contos
Megan “I’m A Lady, Dammit” Davis
Jill “Our Tequila-In-The-Hole” Krooz
Becky “Where’s My Name, What’s My Birthday” Marx
Jillian “Keezamonkee” Matundan (Captain)
Elle “That’s Miss Scooter If You’re Nasty” McComsey
Brian “Lady” Norris

Claims to Fame

Championships: Assorted Quizzo bowls but we don’t remember the years because we were drunk at the time (this is true)
Kent House Survival Champions, 1997-2002 (pong and canoe races)
Talbot House Shenanigan Runner-Ups (honorable mention)
Pool Float Queens, Frederick, MD
Chip Trivia Survivors, 2020 Quarantine