Zodiac Killer$

In the 60s and 70s, the Bay Area and beyond was shaken by a series of mysterious murders committed by someone known only as the Zodiac Killer. Despite sending letters detailing his heinous acts, the Zodiac Killer was never identified and thus, never caught. Some have speculated that he fled the West Coast entirely and has been hiding out in the Philadelphia area undetected for decades. Rumor has it the Zodiac Killer began playing quizzo to further blend in to society, joining a group of friends and coworkers that “jokingly” suggested naming their team “The Zodiac Killer$” as a nod to one teammate’s connection to the San Francisco area at that time. Virtual quizzo has allowed the Zodiac Killer to live among the unsuspecting Philadelphians so seamlessly, that he decided it was safe enough to allow his family to begin making appearances during games as well.

Bars Repped

We typically play at Locust Rendezvous, though virtual quizzo has allowed us to bring on some teammates from out of town and teammates that can’t usually make a weekly game. We miss the ‘vous and the ‘vous crew very much. So glad they’ll be ready for us when this is all over. We’re looking forward to that first round of Miller High Lifes and fried ravioli.


The Zodiac Killer Rick

Claims to Fame

On April 20, 2020, Johnny Goodtimes declared that The Zodiac Killer$ were his best-looking quizzo team, so there’s that.