Sofa Kingdom

The only trivia team to be the subject of a documentary, Sofa Kingdom has dominated the Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo universe for years. A regular participant at The Bards, Sofa Kingdom has won five Quizzo Bowls, two Geek Bowls, and more overall quizzes than any team in JGT quizzo history (though I suspect Duane’s World is going to surpass that record at some point.)


  • Quizzo Bowl XI
  • Quizzo Bowl X
  • Quizzo Bowl VIII
  • Quizzo Bowl VII
  • Quizzo Bowl III
  • Geek Bowl VI
  • Geek Bowl IX


  • World Cup of Quizzo (Sweet 16)
  • April Madness (Round of 32)

Additonal Achievements

First team to score a perfect score in virtual Quizzo play.