Sofa Kingdom

The only trivia team to be the subject of a documentary, Sofa Kingdom has dominated the Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo universe for years. A regular participant at The Bards, Sofa Kingdom has won five Quizzo Bowls, two Geek Bowls, and more overall quizzes than any team in JGT quizzo history (though I suspect Duane’s World is going to surpass that record at some point.)


  • Quizzo Bowl XI
  • Quizzo Bowl X
  • Quizzo Bowl VIII
  • Quizzo Bowl VII
  • Quizzo Bowl III
  • Geek Bowl VI
  • Geek Bowl IX


  • World Cup of Quizzo (Sweet 16)
  • April Madness (Round of 32)

Additonal Achievements

First team to score a perfect score in virtual Quizzo play.

Top Scores

World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Round 150
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 146
World Cup of QuizzoWeek 246
Summer Slam 2020Week 546
Summer Slam 2020Week 646
Summer Slam 2020Week 144
Summer Slam 2020Week 242
World Cup of QuizzoSerie A: Round 240
Summer Slam 2020Week 339
Summer Slam 2020Week 839
Summer Slam 2020Week 437
Summer Slam 2020Week 736