The Donspiracist Presents: CIA Mind Control

I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.
~ Harry S Truman, 1961

I start off with this quote because this column is about the CIA’s war on us, the American people. It all started, some say, with Operation Paperclip, a US government program to liberate scientists from Nazi Germany. These are the same Nazi scientists that worked in camps like Auschwitz, experimenting on prisoners as if they were lab animals. The official line on the project says it involved mostly specialists in rocketry, engineering, and physics, but the truth is more sinister. Mind control involving hypnosis and radiation have been proven techniques used by Nazi scientists, and MK-Ultra has its roots with these German scientists.
MK-Ultra was (is?) a top secret CIA program begun sometime in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. The exact dates vary depending on the source. It evolved from an earlier project called Bluebird, that was started as a reaction to Russian brainwashing techniques. However, MK-Ultra went far beyond psychological warfare with our enemies. Sometime in the early 1950’s, the experimental focus shifted to the unwitting American public.

The most famous association with MK-Ultra was its use of LSD and other hallucinogens. Ken Kesey participated in these experiments at the Veteran’s Hospital in Menlo Park, California sometime around 1959-60. The experience not only gave him the inspiration for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but it also started him on his LSD journey, which is chronicled in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. However, if that’s all there was to the story–that secret government experiments lead to the flowering of 1960’s drug culture–then there would be little point for this column.
Officially, MK-Ultra was ended in 1977. But many contend that was simply a spin move by the CIA to take attention off its deepening interest in complete control over human minds. The evidence has begun to emerge, primarily through survivors of the experiments, that suggests that the program still exists underground.
The most famous survivor is Kathy O’Brien, who wrote of her experience in Trance: Formation of America, co-authored with deprogrammer Mark Phillips. The book can be described as perhaps the oddest and most disturbing book I have ever read. Kathy’s experiences involve many of our most recent presidents, most notably Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton, plus also notable figures like Dick Cheney and Senator Robert Byrd, who O’Brien claims was her “owner”. Her story is a tale of mind control via drugs, hypnosis, shock therapy, electro-magnetic radiation, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and her enslavement involved emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse of the most horrific kind.
Cathy claims to be a survivor of Monarch mind control programming, an off shoot of MK-Ultra, which controls humans by creating Multiple Personality Disorder. The process involves torture of young children, who disassociate from the trauma, thus creating alternate personalities, or “alters”, which can handle such horrific things. Once programmed, the alters can be accessed through verbal triggers; on the surface, however, the main personality will look and act like anyone else.
I was particularly intrigued by O’Brien’s revelations that popular children’s stories, most notably The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, are often used to program children. One fascinating (and horrific) site explaining these techniques is this one. The site discusses how many suggest that L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz series, was active in the occult, and how the books are used to program children at a very young age. Tin Man programming, for instance, is often mentioned by O’Brien. It attempts to create an alter that is basically a human machine, a human without a heart.
If even a fragment of Cathy O’Brien’s story is true, the implications are staggering. It means that the world is not like we have been taught. It means that a real streak of evil is running through at least some of our elected officials. It means that slavery has not been eradicated, but has gone high tech and underground. But don’t just take Cathy’s word for it.
Brice Taylor, author of Starshine, says this: It is always hard for me to go back into this, it seems that no matter how many years go by, it is still very painful. There was trauma done in the form of being stuck with pins and needles, being burned, hung by my feet – sometimes to crosses, spun, dropped off a table as an infant, near drowning, sexual abuse and orgies, being drugged, food and sleep deprivation, and then adding to that when I was around five, was all of the military mind control that was done with very sophisticated instrumentation and chairs and electroshock … That was all done to create a shattered psyche that I believe was used later for all these different personalities that were created for the mind control purpose .
There is also this survivor story: Mind-control survivor K. Sullivan has written an astounding book called MK, which describes the world of multiple personalities. To her credit, Sullivan has been able to reconstruct from her memories the actual mechanics and methodology of going from one altered state to another. A programmed assassin and sex slave, Sullivan says she was abused and raped by Robert Maxwell, Henry Kissinger, George Bush and Billy Graham, among others. One of her controllers was deceased CIA operative James Jesus Angleton, who has been widely regarded as a KGB and Mossad asset.
In a recent interview, Sullivan spoke about her background as a “family-generational slave” to the elite and about her stepfather, now deceased, who was initially her primary programmer. His cover was a church-going, upstanding citizen, a professional mechanical and systems engineer with a curious interest in robotics.
Even more interesting than that, there are the following videos from YouTube, which were taken during congressional testimony in 1995:
Link One:
Link Two:
Link Three:

Most of us don’t want this to be true because it violates our most basic beliefs about civilization, government and society. In order to keep ourselves sane, we need to believe that the monstrous is either conquerable, as in the case of Hitler, or is simply nothing more than myth or story designed to scare us, as in fairy tales. But the growing body of evidence coming out from survivors is remarkably consistent, and it suggests that the true horror of our world is not in our stories, but what is happening right under our noses.
MK-Ultra did exist. Monarch mind control is a real phenomenon. Irrefutable proof of the existence of both exists. But how widespread are they? And are they still going on? The answers to those questions fades in the paper trail that largely was destroyed in the mid-1970’s. Do we believe the survivors? Or do we simply label them as disturbed, deranged, crazy? Do we simply accuse them of false memory syndrome and go back to our sane, civilized, decent lives? I don’t know about you, but this stuff gives me nightmares. And I’m not normally prone to those.