Sign Ups for This Week

The April Madness pre-season is this coming week. $35 a team to play, just venmo @jgtquizzo, and we’ll have a normal general quiz. You can sign up here.

Carl’s on vacation this week and JGT’s got some corporate events, so might be a chance for some of our regulars to try out a new Quizmaster. Also: the All Star game that we promised will be next weekend. More details coming soon.

Quizzo News and Notes

JGT, J Michael, and Carl were just talking playoffs on the Facebook page on Sunday night. If you wanna see who they think are the favorites, the sleeper picks, and the Cinderellas, give them a listen here.

Did you not make the playoffs but wanna play in the Winter Snorez? You can sign up here.

Wanna hire JGT for your next corporate event, birthday party, or fundraiser? Check out our snazzy new commercial!

Checked out our new quizzo-inspired podcast! Each week my buddy Nat the Truth and I do a deep dive on a question we’ve recently asked at quizzo…Week 1 was Leopold and Loeb, Week 2 was Heaven’s Gate. New episodes released weekly, and you can listen to them all here, or on itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

A young man I used to coach and I have started a small charity and had our first event over the weekend, a block clean-up at 15th and Allegheny. It was awesome: music, burgers, and a great turnout. The org is called Us Not I, we’re going to be doing a lot of events this spring and summer (and as the weather gets warmer, some crossover quizzo/cleanup events), and I’d love to have you guys follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re up to.

Yes, I am talking to some outdoor venues about starting up some outdoor quizzes. I am hoping we can be ready to rock and roll in a month or so. In the meantime, we are kicking off April Madness 2. Your team wanna join the fun? You can learn more and sign up here.

And while I’ve got you here: if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Friday Five, my weekly roundup of my favorite local bars, restaurants, and bands.

OK, we’ve got an exciting few weeks lined up! Look forward to seeing you!

Super Sunday Quizzo!

Just because we can’t party in person on this great national holiday doesn’t mean we can’t party together. I’ll be asking all questions about the Big Game: from the most memorable plays to the best (and worst) halftime shows to the funniest commercials. Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention all these years.

And as an added bonus, Mike “Real” Major, one of our quizmasters and a longtime industry vet is going to teach us how to make a couple of Super Cocktails…one inspired by Kansas City and one inspired by Tampa. As soon as you buy your ticket we’ll send you a list of ingredients needed to be ready to make your drinks on Sunday. Tickets are $35 per team and can be purchased here. Hope to see you Sunday!

Christmas Questions

Here ya go, folks, a few questions from our Christmas quiz this past weekend. (Click Page 2 below to see the rest of the quiz). Happy holidays, everyone!


1. Robert Herjavic invested in a company called Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank in 2013. What do they sell?
2. What figure in alpine folklore that helps Santa by scaring bad children became better known in 2015 with the reslease of a horror film about it?
3. What’s the name of the plaza in Die Hard?
4. What Italian word is on the box the leg lamp comes in in A Christmas Story?
5. On the Office episode “Christmas Party”, what did Pam trade an ipod for?
6. What feast do Southern Italians often partake in on Christmas Eve?
7. In the 1969 Christmas episode of the “Brady Bunch”, the kids ask Santa to cure their mom of what?
8. In what city did the movie Bad Santa take place?


1. In 1959, Danish fisherman Thomas Dam carved one of these for his daughter. It was a huge Christmas hit in America in the mid 60s, and a movie about it was made in 2016. What toys were they?
2. Advertising copywriter Gary Dahl became a millionaire in 1975 when he sold these for $4 each; he later wrote the book Advertising for Dummies.
3. What Atari game did everyone want for Christmas in 1982, until they played it and subsequently had the worst Christmas ever?`
4. The first ever Christmas toy craze took place in the 1930s, when a doll of this star started to sell.
5. These fake hamsters learned English, and were the must have toy in 1998.
6. In 1996, a Wal-Mart employee in New Brunswick suffered a pulled hamstring, concussion, and a broken rib by crazed shoppers who saw him holding one of these.
7. This 2009 craze, loaded with toxic metalloids, got its name from the Mandarin for “little pig”.
8. What 1960 toy screeched things like “Take Me Home!” when you pulled its string?


1. What Christmas carol was written by Philadelphia rector Phillips Brooks in 1868, with music added by organist Lewis Redner?
2. Who’s 1957 Christmas album is the best selling Christmas album of all time?
3. The Taimyr herd of reindeer totals almost a million. In what country will you find them?
4. What did Singapore sell to Australia in 1958 for $20 million?
5. The first word of the 1868 novel is “Christmas”; a film version premiered last year on Christmas Day.
6. What song do George and Mary sing on their way back from the dance in It’s a Wonderful Life?
7. What Australian actor played Ebenezer Scrooge in the 2019 FX version of the tale?
8. What are the three highest grossing Christmas films of all time that aren’t Grinch-related?



  1. Ugly Christmas sweaters
  2. Krampus
  3. Nakatomi
  4. fragile
  5. teapot
  6. Seven Fishes
  7. laryngitis
  8. Phoenix


  1. Troll dolls
  2. pet rock
  3. ET
  4. Shirley Temple
  5. Furbys
  6. Tickle Me Elmo
  7. zhu zhu pets
  8. Chatty Cathy


  1. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  2. Elvis
  3. Russia
  4. Christmas Island
  5. Little Women
  6. Buffalo Gals
  7. Guy Pearce
  8. Home Alone, Christmas Carol, Polar Express

The New Year’s Eve Quizzo Spectacular

Just because we can’t go out on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean we can’t party. So this NYE, let’s put on our formal finest (tuxedo t-shirts welcome…and lots of sequins), get together for some zoom quizzo, and cheers to the good riddance of 2020. We’ll have our virtual bartender Fergie teaching you some champagne cocktails while spinning a few yarns, we’ll have some questions about all things new, and we’ll do it early enough in the evening that all you old heads won’t fall asleep on your keyboards.

Wanna join us for a New Year’s Eve night of merriment and mirth? Tickets are $50 per team, and can be purchased here. 10% of all ticket sales go to Beyond the Bars (we’ll also be doing a 50-50 raffle for them) and each member of the winning team will win a $25 gift card to Shibe Sports. (2nd place will each win a $10 gift card). Hope to see ya New Year’s Eve!

Week 2 Results

Sofa Kingdom took home the title in Week 2 with an impressive 51. Yacht Rock finished tied for 2nd. The Kingdom and Yacht Rock are now tied atop the leader board with 101 points through two weeks. L. Ron is in 3rd We’ll have standings fully updated after Week 3.

1Sofa Kingdom510.0036
2Social Distance Warriors490.0005
3Yacht Rock490.0005
4Lambda Lambda Lambda480.0005
5Duane’s World470.0005
6L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics470.0021
7Underground Bard460.0015
8Careless Fister450.0067
9Au Bon Pandemic440.0005
10Expired Walmart Meat440.0005
11There’s No I in Quizzo430.0067
12The Quarantiners420.0000
13Mad Princes410.0000
14Meat Sweats410.0036
15Very Many Porpoises400.0010
16Babysitters Fight Club390.0056
17Deck My Balls380.0000
18Pop Fit Studio380.0010
19English Department370.0010
20Not Last Place370.0082
21Lamination Station350.0056
22Drunk Parents330.0097
23Synchronized Trampoline320.0015
24Carole’s Husband320.0041
25Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club320.0041
26Together Alone290.0067
27Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers290.0251
28Brains on Cheese260.0010

The War on Quizmas Spectacular!

Yes, it’s been a rough year, but even with our backs against the wall, we must continue our relentless War on Christmas! But before we kill this vile holiday and erase it from the history books, let’s have some fun celebrating the movies, traditions, and treats it’s given us. Same deal as usual: $35 per team (just buy one ticket for your whole team) and we’ll do a 50/50 raffle. You can purchase your ticket here. This time the recipient will be Beyond the Bars, a program that recently was announced as a finalist for the prestigious Lewis Award.

Last Week’s Scores

Congratulations to Yacht Rock and Expired Walmart Meat…both scored a perfect 52 last week to rocket to the top of the charts. Yacht Rock comes away with one of the narrowest victories in quizzo history, by 0.02 in OT. If you missed last week, worry not, we’ve still got lots of openings for this week. We’re taking each team’s top 3 scores to determine a December champ, so you’ve still got a shot at the crown if you sign up now!

1Yacht Rock520.10
2Expired Walmart Meat520.12
3L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics500.09
4Sofa Kingdom500.14
5Synchronized Trampoline490.01
6Duane’s World490.18
7Lambda Lambda Lambda490.26
8Underground Bard470.00
9Carole’s Husband460.06
10Very Many Porpoises450.25
11Hallmark Hot430.16
12Meat Sweats420.08
13The Quarantiners420.30
14There’s No I in Quizzo410.06
15Quick Question400.14
16Deck My Balls400.28
17Au Bon Pandemic380.12
18Mad Princes380.20
19Pop Fit Studio380.30
20Brains on Cheese370.20
21Drunk Parents360.16
22Not Last Place310.30
23Penny Fur Long300.06
24Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club300.38
25Together Alone260.01