Signs Ups for the Winter Warz Are Live!

It’s about that time…time for our second season of Winter Warz! Here’s how it works. There are nine games guaranteed, including something new we’re trying: our Kickoff Spectacular. The season will start on Thursday, January 6th at 8 PM, with all of our teams playing. Cash prize to the winner ($100) and the 2nd place ($50). The Kickoff Spectacular counts as the first regular season game- those who participate get to drop their lowest score for playoff seeding.The format is the one you’ve come to know and love; you and your teammates in a zoom with your quizmaster. After very heated and contentious negotiations, we’ve signed all of your favorite QMs for another season, except for Blake, whose demands of red M&Ms in his dressing room was simply more than we could handle.Dues are $425/team. First $200 is due January 6th, other $225 is due February 6th.

This will be a roto league. You won’t be going head to head, but we’ll be adding up your points each week and ranking teams by average. There will be six regular season games in addition to the Kickoff Spectacular.There will also be at least two playoff games for each team as well. (There will be a consolation game or losers bracket, depending on # of teams.) Season will conclude by March 13th at the latest. To sign up, just go to the link here. Hope you’ll join us for another season of the Warz!

Our Finals Are Set!

We started with 60…we’re down to our Elite 8. The Championship takes place on Sunday night at 7:30…and you’re welcome to play along. Just go to and enter the Event Key “mar21” and you can enter your team in Sunday Night’s play-along (we’ll be airing the game live on Facebook, with a Finals preview starting at 7:15).

The finals are really a collection of true Quizzo bluebloods. Some truly elite squads in the finals this year, with only one team I’d call a Cinderella. Here are the Vegas odds and what you should know about each team:

Mathematicians Must Be Right (Odds 3/1): A new team of trivia veterans from around the country, they have come into the league and made their presence known. The highest scoring team of the regular season, they advanced easily in the semis. They are not fan favorites here in Philly, but thus far they don’t seem intimidated by the local fans.

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit (Odds 4/1): They won Summer Slam. They won Fall Brawl. Could they make it three in a row? It’s quite possible. They dominated the wild card and had the 3rd highest score in the semis.

Cool Cats and Kittens (Odds 9/2): An incredible semi-final performance saw them put up a perfect score. They’re certainly a top contender (leading scoring regular season team in Summer Slam, missed the Elite 8 in Fall Brawl by a single point, and a 10-0 record and the 3rd highest average this season). They’re hungry for their first title.

Boyz II Menehune (Odds 5/1): The Boyz (and Taryn) fell by 2 in the World Cup Final Four, suffered a devastating overtime loss in the Summer Slam Finals, and suffered a stunning Wild Card Loss in Fall Brawl. Just over a year ago they brought home their first Quizzo Bowl title. Could they bring home the hardware for the Winter Warz?

Quizteama Aguilera (Odds 7/1): Another team that’s been damn close with no cigar…a Final Four in the World Cup, a 5th place finish in Summer Slam, and 4th in the Fall Brawl. Can they get over the hump?

Social Distance Warriors (Odds 9/1): They won last year’s April Madness and finished 2nd in the World Cup. But they were a no-show at the Summer Slam finals, and took off for Fall Brawl. People in the media were questioning their heart. But they returned with a bang in Winter Warz, going 9-1. They’d love to hoist another trophy.

Del-COVID 19 (Odds 11/1): You know you’ve got a hell of a field when a team that goes 10-0 and has Quizzo Bowl wins on their resume but has the second worst odds to win the title. They finished 15th at Summer Slam and fell in the Semis of Fall Brawl, but do have some members from the Cracked Pact, which has won a couple of Quizzo Bowls. The team is beloved in their home stadium, located in Upper Darby.

Babysitters Fight Club (Odds 42/1): Last season, America’s sweethearts were FFSF. This season, it’s Babysitter’s Fight Club, a wild card team out of the Ewok Division. They snuck into the semis with the lowest score in the wildcard to advance, then snuck into the Finals with the lowest score in the semis to advance. They have the same odds as Buster Douglas did vs Tyson. Could they shock the world?

Quizzo News and Notes

JGT, J Michael, and Carl were just talking playoffs on the Facebook page on Sunday night. If you wanna see who they think are the favorites, the sleeper picks, and the Cinderellas, give them a listen here.

Did you not make the playoffs but wanna play in the Winter Snorez? You can sign up here.

Wanna hire JGT for your next corporate event, birthday party, or fundraiser? Check out our snazzy new commercial!

Checked out our new quizzo-inspired podcast! Each week my buddy Nat the Truth and I do a deep dive on a question we’ve recently asked at quizzo…Week 1 was Leopold and Loeb, Week 2 was Heaven’s Gate. New episodes released weekly, and you can listen to them all here, or on itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

A young man I used to coach and I have started a small charity and had our first event over the weekend, a block clean-up at 15th and Allegheny. It was awesome: music, burgers, and a great turnout. The org is called Us Not I, we’re going to be doing a lot of events this spring and summer (and as the weather gets warmer, some crossover quizzo/cleanup events), and I’d love to have you guys follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re up to.

Yes, I am talking to some outdoor venues about starting up some outdoor quizzes. I am hoping we can be ready to rock and roll in a month or so. In the meantime, we are kicking off April Madness 2. Your team wanna join the fun? You can learn more and sign up here.

And while I’ve got you here: if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Friday Five, my weekly roundup of my favorite local bars, restaurants, and bands.

OK, we’ve got an exciting few weeks lined up! Look forward to seeing you!

Winter Warz Playoffs

Winter Warz Quizzo Tournament

ROUND ONE (The Wild Card Round) can be played in any of 3 sessions: Monday at 8:00, Tuesday at 8:00, or Tuesday at 9:30 (each team chooses ONE session).The following teams have earned a Wild Card spot: 

  • Au Bon Pandemic
  • Babysitters Fight Club
  • Boyz II Menehune
  • Brains on Cheese
  • Carole’s Husband
  • FFSF
  • Hallmark Hot
  • Jesus Hashtag Christ
  • L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics
  • Lambda Lambda Lambda
  • Little Kwings
  • Mad Princes
  • Narcotyzing Dysfunktion
  • Philliez Nutz
  • Pop Fit Studio
  • Smells Like Quarantine Spirit
  • Sofa Kingdom
  • Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Answers
  • Very Many Porpoises
  • Very Stable Geniuses
  • Yacht Rock

The top 5 teams per conference (by score/tiebreaker) will then advance to…
ROUND TWO (The Semifinals), which can be played in any of 3 sessions: Wednesday at 8:00, Thursday at 8:00, or Thursday at 9:30 (each team chooses ONE session).

The following division winners have earned a Round One bye: 

  • Careless Swiffer
  • Cool Cats & Kittens
  • DelCovid-19
  • The Jawns
  • Mathematicians Must Be Right
  • Quizteama Aguilera
  • Social Distance Warriors
  • Super Spreaders
  • $ons of $am
  • Underground Bard

The above will battle the ten Round One winners for the right to play for championship glory in the WAR TO END ALL WARZ on Sunday night at 7:30. The top 4 teams per conference (by score/tiebreaker) will advance to this final game.

THE WINTER SNOREZ – a consolation game for all non-playoff teams – will be held this Wednesday at 8 PM. For those who participated in last season’s “Fall Crawl”, you know this’ll be a fun one.


For the championship game on Sunday night, everyone else is welcome to play along from home, as we will stream it live from the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Facebook page. 

With a total of 60 teams in the league, our prize breakdown ended up as follows:


Champion: $300 + $50 off April Mayhem

2nd Place: $150 + $50 off April Mayhem

3rd Place: $100 + $50 off April Mayhem


Best of the Rest: $100 off April Mayhem

2nd Best of the Rest: $50 off April Mayhem

2nd-to-Last (aka the honorary “Not Last Place” Award): $50 off April Mayhem

As for our next league, APRIL MAYHEMyou can register for that here. Running from March 29-May 22, we expect this to be our last full-scale Virtual Quizzo season, with 5 “seeding” games culminating in a full-scale March Madness-style tournament, which is how we started things way back when this whole pandemic started. What a year it’s been.
Finally, J Michael, Carl and JGT will be hosting a playoff preview show on Facebook tomorrow night at 6:30. Hope to see ya there.
Best of luck to everyone, and thanks again for making this our best season yet! 

Quizzo News and Notes

Quite a bit going on right now in Quizzo land, so here’s a few updates:

Tonight at 6 PM, we’ll be playing with some new quizzo technology and discussing the film Goodfellas. Wanna join in the fun? Sign up here.

Tonight at 7:30, we’ll be looking at all of our playoff scenarios with two weeks to go in the season, discussing which teams we think could win it all, and letting you know about our next Quizzo season. Tune in on Facebook.

This coming week I’ll be sending out my monthly VIP Quizzo Insiders Deluxe (VIPQID for short) email. It will have ALL of the news that’s fit to print in the quizzo world. If you wanna join that list, just sign up here (Team captains are already on it).

Yes we will have the bonus quiz we promised at the start of the season. Details on that coming tonight on the Big Show.

Got a loved one with a birthday coming up and don’t feel comfortable getting a bunch of people together in the same room? Let us know, and we’ll make a fun virtual quiz to honor their big day amongst friends and family, all for a reasonable rate.

I’m pretty highly active on twitter, so be sure to follow me there if you can stand it. Trying to get back into posting on IG, so follow me there too.

Yes, I have started reaching out to some places regarding outdoor quizzes this spring. I’ll keep you updated.

OK, be sure to sign up for the VIP email and I’ll have lots more to tell you about soon. Cheers-JGT

2nd Half Topics

We spun the wheel with your suggestions last night on Facebook, and above is what we came up with. We also took a look at our standings halfway through the Winter Warz and talked about which teams we expect to make a second half surge. Oh, and we had a visit from Bobby the 38% French and German, which Johanna of Lambda said was “incredibly stupid but kind of funny” which I think might be our new company tagline.

J. Michael’s Movie Club

We had a blast at last week’s Movie Club and Quiz. Here’s how it works: we all watch Goodfellas at some point over the next three weeks (it’s currently on Netflix). We meet up on February 28th on Zoom. Each person takes a short online quiz about the film with the latest in Johnny Goodtimes technology. Then we’ll go around and chat about the film, what you liked, what you didn’t. If you’re interested in joining the club, go ahead and sign up here (it’s a single person deal, not a team deal). It’s totally free, just a fun add-on for Winter Warz players. Hope to see ya on the 28th!

Topics for the Next Four Weeks

Hey gang, we’re not going to unveil what the topics are each week for Winter Warz BUT I did tell you guys last week that I’d post the remaining topics, in no particular order. So here ya go, these are the topics for the next four weeks. What topics do you want to see for the second five weeks? Let us know on our Facebook page.

  • Latin America
  • Before & After
  • Colors
  • Academy Awards
  • World Religion
  • Obscure Sports
  • Arizona
  • Horror Films
  • African American Culture & History
  • Casual restaurants chains
  • South Pacific
  • Snakes

J. Michael’s Movie Club

Excited to start something new this season! Our quizmaster J Michael is a huge movie buff, and so we’re gonna put together a little movie club and see who wants to hang out. Here’s how it will work, we’ll pick a new movie each month, get together at the end of the month, take sort of a mini-quiz about the film, and then have a group discussion. Our first film is gonna be Mank. It’s the story of the making of Citizen Kane. Is it movie geeky? Yes. Are we geeks? That is correct. We’ll be doing a short quiz (got some new trivia tech to test out for it too) about the film and then having a discussion, led by our resident movie geek JMD. It’ll go down on January 31st at 6 PM. If you wanna join us, just sign up here so we can send you the zoom link. Looking forward to it. This is gonna be fun!