J. Michael’s Movie Club

Excited to start something new this season! Our quizmaster J Michael is a huge movie buff, and so we’re gonna put together a little movie club and see who wants to hang out. Here’s how it will work, we’ll pick a new movie each month, get together at the end of the month, take sort of a mini-quiz about the film, and then have a group discussion. Our first film is gonna be Mank. It’s the story of the making of Citizen Kane. Is it movie geeky? Yes. Are we geeks? That is correct. We’ll be doing a short quiz (got some new trivia tech to test out for it too) about the film and then having a discussion, led by our resident movie geek JMD. It’ll go down on January 31st at 6 PM. If you wanna join us, just sign up here so we can send you the zoom link. Looking forward to it. This is gonna be fun!

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