Signs Ups for the Winter Warz Are Live!

It’s about that time…time for our second season of Winter Warz! Here’s how it works. There are nine games guaranteed, including something new we’re trying: our Kickoff Spectacular. The season will start on Thursday, January 6th at 8 PM, with all of our teams playing. Cash prize to the winner ($100) and the 2nd place ($50). The Kickoff Spectacular counts as the first regular season game- those who participate get to drop their lowest score for playoff seeding.The format is the one you’ve come to know and love; you and your teammates in a zoom with your quizmaster. After very heated and contentious negotiations, we’ve signed all of your favorite QMs for another season, except for Blake, whose demands of red M&Ms in his dressing room was simply more than we could handle.Dues are $425/team. First $200 is due January 6th, other $225 is due February 6th.

This will be a roto league. You won’t be going head to head, but we’ll be adding up your points each week and ranking teams by average. There will be six regular season games in addition to the Kickoff Spectacular.There will also be at least two playoff games for each team as well. (There will be a consolation game or losers bracket, depending on # of teams.) Season will conclude by March 13th at the latest. To sign up, just go to the link here. Hope you’ll join us for another season of the Warz!

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