Winter Warz Playoffs

Winter Warz Quizzo Tournament

ROUND ONE (The Wild Card Round) can be played in any of 3 sessions: Monday at 8:00, Tuesday at 8:00, or Tuesday at 9:30 (each team chooses ONE session).The following teams have earned a Wild Card spot: 

  • Au Bon Pandemic
  • Babysitters Fight Club
  • Boyz II Menehune
  • Brains on Cheese
  • Carole’s Husband
  • FFSF
  • Hallmark Hot
  • Jesus Hashtag Christ
  • L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics
  • Lambda Lambda Lambda
  • Little Kwings
  • Mad Princes
  • Narcotyzing Dysfunktion
  • Philliez Nutz
  • Pop Fit Studio
  • Smells Like Quarantine Spirit
  • Sofa Kingdom
  • Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Answers
  • Very Many Porpoises
  • Very Stable Geniuses
  • Yacht Rock

The top 5 teams per conference (by score/tiebreaker) will then advance to…
ROUND TWO (The Semifinals), which can be played in any of 3 sessions: Wednesday at 8:00, Thursday at 8:00, or Thursday at 9:30 (each team chooses ONE session).

The following division winners have earned a Round One bye: 

  • Careless Swiffer
  • Cool Cats & Kittens
  • DelCovid-19
  • The Jawns
  • Mathematicians Must Be Right
  • Quizteama Aguilera
  • Social Distance Warriors
  • Super Spreaders
  • $ons of $am
  • Underground Bard

The above will battle the ten Round One winners for the right to play for championship glory in the WAR TO END ALL WARZ on Sunday night at 7:30. The top 4 teams per conference (by score/tiebreaker) will advance to this final game.

THE WINTER SNOREZ – a consolation game for all non-playoff teams – will be held this Wednesday at 8 PM. For those who participated in last season’s “Fall Crawl”, you know this’ll be a fun one.


For the championship game on Sunday night, everyone else is welcome to play along from home, as we will stream it live from the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Facebook page. 

With a total of 60 teams in the league, our prize breakdown ended up as follows:


Champion: $300 + $50 off April Mayhem

2nd Place: $150 + $50 off April Mayhem

3rd Place: $100 + $50 off April Mayhem


Best of the Rest: $100 off April Mayhem

2nd Best of the Rest: $50 off April Mayhem

2nd-to-Last (aka the honorary “Not Last Place” Award): $50 off April Mayhem

As for our next league, APRIL MAYHEMyou can register for that here. Running from March 29-May 22, we expect this to be our last full-scale Virtual Quizzo season, with 5 “seeding” games culminating in a full-scale March Madness-style tournament, which is how we started things way back when this whole pandemic started. What a year it’s been.
Finally, J Michael, Carl and JGT will be hosting a playoff preview show on Facebook tomorrow night at 6:30. Hope to see ya there.
Best of luck to everyone, and thanks again for making this our best season yet! 

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