Quizzo News and Notes

Quite a bit going on right now in Quizzo land, so here’s a few updates:

Tonight at 6 PM, we’ll be playing with some new quizzo technology and discussing the film Goodfellas. Wanna join in the fun? Sign up here.

Tonight at 7:30, we’ll be looking at all of our playoff scenarios with two weeks to go in the season, discussing which teams we think could win it all, and letting you know about our next Quizzo season. Tune in on Facebook.

This coming week I’ll be sending out my monthly VIP Quizzo Insiders Deluxe (VIPQID for short) email. It will have ALL of the news that’s fit to print in the quizzo world. If you wanna join that list, just sign up here (Team captains are already on it).

Yes we will have the bonus quiz we promised at the start of the season. Details on that coming tonight on the Big Show.

Got a loved one with a birthday coming up and don’t feel comfortable getting a bunch of people together in the same room? Let us know, and we’ll make a fun virtual quiz to honor their big day amongst friends and family, all for a reasonable rate.

I’m pretty highly active on twitter, so be sure to follow me there if you can stand it. Trying to get back into posting on IG, so follow me there too.

Yes, I have started reaching out to some places regarding outdoor quizzes this spring. I’ll keep you updated.

OK, be sure to sign up for the VIP email and I’ll have lots more to tell you about soon. Cheers-JGT

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