Our Finals Are Set!

We started with 60…we’re down to our Elite 8. The Championship takes place on Sunday night at 7:30…and you’re welcome to play along. Just go to playbigquiz.com and enter the Event Key “mar21” and you can enter your team in Sunday Night’s play-along (we’ll be airing the game live on Facebook, with a Finals preview starting at 7:15).

The finals are really a collection of true Quizzo bluebloods. Some truly elite squads in the finals this year, with only one team I’d call a Cinderella. Here are the Vegas odds and what you should know about each team:

Mathematicians Must Be Right (Odds 3/1): A new team of trivia veterans from around the country, they have come into the league and made their presence known. The highest scoring team of the regular season, they advanced easily in the semis. They are not fan favorites here in Philly, but thus far they don’t seem intimidated by the local fans.

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit (Odds 4/1): They won Summer Slam. They won Fall Brawl. Could they make it three in a row? It’s quite possible. They dominated the wild card and had the 3rd highest score in the semis.

Cool Cats and Kittens (Odds 9/2): An incredible semi-final performance saw them put up a perfect score. They’re certainly a top contender (leading scoring regular season team in Summer Slam, missed the Elite 8 in Fall Brawl by a single point, and a 10-0 record and the 3rd highest average this season). They’re hungry for their first title.

Boyz II Menehune (Odds 5/1): The Boyz (and Taryn) fell by 2 in the World Cup Final Four, suffered a devastating overtime loss in the Summer Slam Finals, and suffered a stunning Wild Card Loss in Fall Brawl. Just over a year ago they brought home their first Quizzo Bowl title. Could they bring home the hardware for the Winter Warz?

Quizteama Aguilera (Odds 7/1): Another team that’s been damn close with no cigar…a Final Four in the World Cup, a 5th place finish in Summer Slam, and 4th in the Fall Brawl. Can they get over the hump?

Social Distance Warriors (Odds 9/1): They won last year’s April Madness and finished 2nd in the World Cup. But they were a no-show at the Summer Slam finals, and took off for Fall Brawl. People in the media were questioning their heart. But they returned with a bang in Winter Warz, going 9-1. They’d love to hoist another trophy.

Del-COVID 19 (Odds 11/1): You know you’ve got a hell of a field when a team that goes 10-0 and has Quizzo Bowl wins on their resume but has the second worst odds to win the title. They finished 15th at Summer Slam and fell in the Semis of Fall Brawl, but do have some members from the Cracked Pact, which has won a couple of Quizzo Bowls. The team is beloved in their home stadium, located in Upper Darby.

Babysitters Fight Club (Odds 42/1): Last season, America’s sweethearts were FFSF. This season, it’s Babysitter’s Fight Club, a wild card team out of the Ewok Division. They snuck into the semis with the lowest score in the wildcard to advance, then snuck into the Finals with the lowest score in the semis to advance. They have the same odds as Buster Douglas did vs Tyson. Could they shock the world?

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