Last Week’s Scores

Congratulations to Yacht Rock and Expired Walmart Meat…both scored a perfect 52 last week to rocket to the top of the charts. Yacht Rock comes away with one of the narrowest victories in quizzo history, by 0.02 in OT. If you missed last week, worry not, we’ve still got lots of openings for this week. We’re taking each team’s top 3 scores to determine a December champ, so you’ve still got a shot at the crown if you sign up now!

1Yacht Rock520.10
2Expired Walmart Meat520.12
3L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics500.09
4Sofa Kingdom500.14
5Synchronized Trampoline490.01
6Duane’s World490.18
7Lambda Lambda Lambda490.26
8Underground Bard470.00
9Carole’s Husband460.06
10Very Many Porpoises450.25
11Hallmark Hot430.16
12Meat Sweats420.08
13The Quarantiners420.30
14There’s No I in Quizzo410.06
15Quick Question400.14
16Deck My Balls400.28
17Au Bon Pandemic380.12
18Mad Princes380.20
19Pop Fit Studio380.30
20Brains on Cheese370.20
21Drunk Parents360.16
22Not Last Place310.30
23Penny Fur Long300.06
24Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club300.38
25Together Alone260.01

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