Week 2 Results

Sofa Kingdom took home the title in Week 2 with an impressive 51. Yacht Rock finished tied for 2nd. The Kingdom and Yacht Rock are now tied atop the leader board with 101 points through two weeks. L. Ron is in 3rd We’ll have standings fully updated after Week 3.

1Sofa Kingdom510.0036
2Social Distance Warriors490.0005
3Yacht Rock490.0005
4Lambda Lambda Lambda480.0005
5Duane’s World470.0005
6L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics470.0021
7Underground Bard460.0015
8Careless Fister450.0067
9Au Bon Pandemic440.0005
10Expired Walmart Meat440.0005
11There’s No I in Quizzo430.0067
12The Quarantiners420.0000
13Mad Princes410.0000
14Meat Sweats410.0036
15Very Many Porpoises400.0010
16Babysitters Fight Club390.0056
17Deck My Balls380.0000
18Pop Fit Studio380.0010
19English Department370.0010
20Not Last Place370.0082
21Lamination Station350.0056
22Drunk Parents330.0097
23Synchronized Trampoline320.0015
24Carole’s Husband320.0041
25Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club320.0041
26Together Alone290.0067
27Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Answers290.0251
28Brains on Cheese260.0010

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