Christmas Questions

Here ya go, folks, a few questions from our Christmas quiz this past weekend. (Click Page 2 below to see the rest of the quiz). Happy holidays, everyone!


1. Robert Herjavic invested in a company called Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank in 2013. What do they sell?
2. What figure in alpine folklore that helps Santa by scaring bad children became better known in 2015 with the reslease of a horror film about it?
3. What’s the name of the plaza in Die Hard?
4. What Italian word is on the box the leg lamp comes in in A Christmas Story?
5. On the Office episode “Christmas Party”, what did Pam trade an ipod for?
6. What feast do Southern Italians often partake in on Christmas Eve?
7. In the 1969 Christmas episode of the “Brady Bunch”, the kids ask Santa to cure their mom of what?
8. In what city did the movie Bad Santa take place?


1. In 1959, Danish fisherman Thomas Dam carved one of these for his daughter. It was a huge Christmas hit in America in the mid 60s, and a movie about it was made in 2016. What toys were they?
2. Advertising copywriter Gary Dahl became a millionaire in 1975 when he sold these for $4 each; he later wrote the book Advertising for Dummies.
3. What Atari game did everyone want for Christmas in 1982, until they played it and subsequently had the worst Christmas ever?`
4. The first ever Christmas toy craze took place in the 1930s, when a doll of this star started to sell.
5. These fake hamsters learned English, and were the must have toy in 1998.
6. In 1996, a Wal-Mart employee in New Brunswick suffered a pulled hamstring, concussion, and a broken rib by crazed shoppers who saw him holding one of these.
7. This 2009 craze, loaded with toxic metalloids, got its name from the Mandarin for “little pig”.
8. What 1960 toy screeched things like “Take Me Home!” when you pulled its string?


1. What Christmas carol was written by Philadelphia rector Phillips Brooks in 1868, with music added by organist Lewis Redner?
2. Who’s 1957 Christmas album is the best selling Christmas album of all time?
3. The Taimyr herd of reindeer totals almost a million. In what country will you find them?
4. What did Singapore sell to Australia in 1958 for $20 million?
5. The first word of the 1868 novel is “Christmas”; a film version premiered last year on Christmas Day.
6. What song do George and Mary sing on their way back from the dance in It’s a Wonderful Life?
7. What Australian actor played Ebenezer Scrooge in the 2019 FX version of the tale?
8. What are the three highest grossing Christmas films of all time that aren’t Grinch-related?



  1. Ugly Christmas sweaters
  2. Krampus
  3. Nakatomi
  4. fragile
  5. teapot
  6. Seven Fishes
  7. laryngitis
  8. Phoenix


  1. Troll dolls
  2. pet rock
  3. ET
  4. Shirley Temple
  5. Furbys
  6. Tickle Me Elmo
  7. zhu zhu pets
  8. Chatty Cathy


  1. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  2. Elvis
  3. Russia
  4. Christmas Island
  5. Little Women
  6. Buffalo Gals
  7. Guy Pearce
  8. Home Alone, Christmas Carol, Polar Express

Thanksgiving Food Round

We had a blast at last night’s Thanksgiving Eve quizzo, and we also raised over $400 for the Poor People’s Army (aka PPEHRC)! We’ll put that $ towards heaters.

Congrats to Careless Fister, who won the event in double overtime over Social Distance Warriors. The Very Stable Geniuses also finished with a 94, but fell in the first OT.

We had one of our corniest rounds ever, a Thanksgiving food before and After Round. So in other words if I asked, “What holiday was invented by Shel Silverstein?”, you’d answer “The Thanks-giving Tree.” Answers are after the break. Prepare to roll your eyes when you see them.

  1. It’s the main attraction, isn’t it, A-Aron?
  2. These evergreen dwarf shrubs founded Motown.
  3. Some people like these in a casserole, which they prepare while listening to the 2000 album The Truth.
  4. Others like this in a casserole, which they eat with the former Auburn head coach and Alabama senator.
  5. You’ll find onion, celery and fresh herbs near this region between Rochester and Syracuse.
  6. I recommend gruyere in this dish, which I often make while listening to Jimmy Buffet.
  7. Ingredients include orange juice, cinnamon, marshmallows, motorcycles and pianos.
  8. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, oil a sheet pan, cover with foil, and then head out to Europe’s largest seaport.
1. Tur-key and Peele
2. Cran-berry Gordy
3. String Bean-ie Sigel
4. Sweet Pota-tommy Tuberville
5. Stuf-fingerLakes
6. Macaroni and Cheese-burger in Paradise
7. Candied yam-aha
8. Roasted car-rotterdam

Quizzo Questions…and Gamecast

Thanks to quizzo regular Craig, we’re going to have some fun with some of our previous quizzes. You can play this quiz from last month, then you can check out below what percentage of teams got each individual question correct. Feel free to play along at home for fun if you didn’t play the quiz. Questions in Round 1 are worth 1, Round 2 are worth 2, and Round 3 are worth 3. Questions with stars beside them are worth double.


1. Often seen on TV, Mike Lindell is the inventor of what product?
2. Remember going to the movies? The top-grossing one of 2020, which has the subtitle “for Life“, is the third installment of what franchise?
3. In what city was the fashion house Armani founded?
4. According to Google, the most common internet “how-to” search has to do with this article of clothing.
5. What car part is often stolen for the precious metals it contains, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium?
***6. Who was the first person born in the 21st century to have a #1 Billboard hit?
7. What primetime TV drama set a record last fall when it entered its 21st season?
8. What women’s wrestling league debuted in 1986?

ROUND TWO: The Picture Round. Flags: Name the Country.


1. Stevie Wonder’s best-selling single was released in 1984. What was it called?
2. What historic river will you find in Northern Italy, just south of the city Ravenna?
3. Cindy Lauper wrote the lyrics for what musical that debuted on Broadway in 2013?
4. It’s a fabric made from silk, often found in ball gowns and wedding dresses, and starts with the letter “T”. What is it?
5. Sculling and the eggbeater are moves found in what Olympics sport?
6. In what state do the three most populous cities all begin with the same letter?
7. Music in 3/4 time is known by what 5-letter term?
***8. In the continental US, what’s the largest state by land area entirely east of the Mississippi River, and the smallest state entirely west of it?


Toughest Questions at Quizzo This Week


Here are the toughest questions from the week that was. See how ya do. Answers (and links to a couple of the more interesting ones) are after the jump. For more tough quizzo questions, click here

  1. This is something you’d hear on the Titanic. It’s also the name of a 1980 Van Halen album.
  2. It’s a group of rhinos, or something a car sometimes does.
  3. What game is based on the popular parlour game Dictionary?
  4. What number does the spinner go up to in the game of LIFE?
  5. Known as the “Nazi who said sorry”, this German architect served a 20 year prison sentence then wrote two bestselling autobiographies.
  6.  This Canadian news reporter has been with 60 Minutes since 1970.
  7. What three kids of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the letter X in their names?
  8. Of the metallic elements, it’s the one most strongly attracted to a magnet.
  9. This magnificent sultan ruled the Ottoman Empire for 46 years.
  10. In diner slang, what is a blonde with sand? (It goes with breakfast).

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