Quizzo Questions…and Gamecast

Thanks to quizzo regular Craig, we’re going to have some fun with some of our previous quizzes. You can play this quiz from last month, then you can check out below what percentage of teams got each individual question correct. Feel free to play along at home for fun if you didn’t play the quiz. Questions in Round 1 are worth 1, Round 2 are worth 2, and Round 3 are worth 3. Questions with stars beside them are worth double.


1. Often seen on TV, Mike Lindell is the inventor of what product?
2. Remember going to the movies? The top-grossing one of 2020, which has the subtitle “for Life“, is the third installment of what franchise?
3. In what city was the fashion house Armani founded?
4. According to Google, the most common internet “how-to” search has to do with this article of clothing.
5. What car part is often stolen for the precious metals it contains, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium?
***6. Who was the first person born in the 21st century to have a #1 Billboard hit?
7. What primetime TV drama set a record last fall when it entered its 21st season?
8. What women’s wrestling league debuted in 1986?

ROUND TWO: The Picture Round. Flags: Name the Country.


1. Stevie Wonder’s best-selling single was released in 1984. What was it called?
2. What historic river will you find in Northern Italy, just south of the city Ravenna?
3. Cindy Lauper wrote the lyrics for what musical that debuted on Broadway in 2013?
4. It’s a fabric made from silk, often found in ball gowns and wedding dresses, and starts with the letter “T”. What is it?
5. Sculling and the eggbeater are moves found in what Olympics sport?
6. In what state do the three most populous cities all begin with the same letter?
7. Music in 3/4 time is known by what 5-letter term?
***8. In the continental US, what’s the largest state by land area entirely east of the Mississippi River, and the smallest state entirely west of it?


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