This Week’s Mystery Round

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If you didn’t make it out to the quiz this week and wanna play the mystery round, here it is. There was a little bit of controversy, as there were a few minor “additions” you had to make to get the theme, but there was an unmistakeable theme.

1. This man has been hosting a show on WMMR since 1981.
2. This Wake Forest grad currently plays point guard on the Houston Rockets.
3. Cartoonist Thomas Nast is the artist who gave us the chubby version of what iconic character?
4. This wrestling legend recently announced that he no longer drinks. Whaaaaaaaat?
5. This company used to have the tagline: “Life is Short. Have an Affair.”
6. He hosted the tonight show for 30 years.
7. This 2000 song by Outkast was inspired by Andre 3000s relationship with Erykah Badu’s mother.
8. What is the common theme of the answers for #1-#7?

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The Alfred Hitchcock Round


Here’s a round from Sunday’s quiz at Heritage, the Hitchcock round.

I’ll give you the names of two stars, then give you a hint about the film title or at least part of the title that has nothing to do with the film. For example, if I said, “Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery; Hint is Jaden’s parents.” You’d write down “Mr and Mrs. Smith.”

1. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. HINT: Ready to Die

2. Jimmy Stewart and John Dahl; HINT: you’ll find it in the game of Clue.

3. Ray Milland and Grace Kelly; HINT: technically it’s the number 6.

4. Jimmy Stewart, Doris Day; HINT: no one can ever accuse Trump of being this.

5. Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh; HINT: Sid Vicious

6. Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak; HINT: it’s a problem in part of the vestibular system.

7. Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren; HINT: you might hear Eagles fans discussing them.

8. Carie Grant, Eva Marie Saint; HINT: Little Kanye

9. Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly; HINT: you’d put your Calvin pissing on the Cowboys logo decal here.

10. Robert Donat, Madeline Carrol; HINT: 33 less than the Art Museum.

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All Turkey Trivia!

Let’s Talk Turkey Round

1. What is the flap of skin under a turkeys chin (it rhymes with “bottle”)?

2. What ACC college football team’s official team name is the Fightin’ Gobblers, with a turkey for a mascot (though they go by a different nickname)?

3. What is a male turkey called (other than a gobbler)?

4. Male turkeys gobble. What sound do female turkeys make?

a) clicking b) chirping c) whooping d) nagging

5. What lady, famous for her Christmas cards, created a painting called Thanksgiving Turkey that is currently at the Metropolitan Museum?

6. What is a female turkey called?

7. According to Butterball, when the breast is at what temperature should you take a turkey out of the oven?

a) 145 degrees b) 165 degrees c) 185 degrees d) 205 degrees

8. What founding father wanted the turkey to be the national bird, writing that the Eagle was a coward?

9. What dish, often prepared with turkey, is cooked in a parmesan sauce and is named after an Italian opera star?

10. Who was pardoning a turkey while another one behind her was being executed in 2008?

11. On what 1970s sitcom would you have heard the famous line, “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly?”

12. What brand has called itself “America’s leading turkey alternative since 1995”?

13. Triptophan is one of the 9 of these that humans must consume in their diets.

14. This was one of Stuart Little’s best friends, voiced by Don Knotts in a 2005 film.

15. What is the capital of Turkey?

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Thanksgiving Food Quiz

Thanksgiving-DinnerHere’s a fun Thanksgiving food round quiz you can share with the fam over turkey dinner. All of the answers are Thanksgiving foods.

  1. In bowling, how many straight strikes is called a turkey?
  2. This was introduced by General Foods in 1972, after being developed by a research team of Nobel Prize winning scientists. I need a brand name in the answer.
  3. Whose debut album was called “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”
  4. The makers of what brand of corn syrup are credited with popularizing pecan pie?
  5. What Ben and Jerry’s flavor is named after a hippie who was the official clown of the Grateful Dead?
  6. What dance move was popularized by Philadelphian Dee Dee Sharp in 1962?
  7. What is a favorite drink of the students at Hogwort’s school of Witches and Wizards?
  8. What type of soup should be used in a green bean casserole?
  9. In the North, people often use white bread in their stuffing. What type of bread do they typically use in the South?
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July 4th Questions

militaryHey kids, here’s a bunch of USA questions in case you wanna bust ’em out at your barbecue. (15 questions not enough to whet your appetite? Here’s 40 more questions about the good ol’ US of A. Feel free to share these by clicking “Like” below. Answers are after the jump.)

  1. This African American was the first person to be killed in the Boston Massacre.
  2. The French call it Tart Tatin. What do we call it?
  3. What’s the name of George Washington’s home?
  4. This 1942 biographical film was about George Cohan and starred James Cagney.
  5. What movie is based on the autobiography of Ron Kovic?
  6. At what battle in New York did Benedict Arnold disobey orders and lead the Americans to a rousing victory?
  7. Who wrote the poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere?
  8. Within two years either way, when was the Stamp Act imposed on the colonies?
  9. What Founding Father resided at a house called Peacefield?
  10. In what town did Cornwallis surrender?
  11. On whose former plantation will you find Arlington National Cemetery?
  12. Thomas Jefferson’s 2nd VP was a funky, funky man. Who was he?
  13. Name either of the two other men who rode out with Paul Revere.
  14. During the Revolution, who wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls”?
  15. What is German born artist Emanuel Leutze best known for creating?

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Spurs and Heat Quiz

These are all general trivia questions, but there is a hint to the answers: they all contain the first or last name of a player for the Heat or Spurs (one answer is a player’s nickname).

1. What well known cake mix is named after a man who wrote a book called Adventures in Good Eating?

2. The world’s most valuable sports team is known by its shortened name. What is the team’s shortened name?

3. What character was played by Kadeem Hardison on A Different World?

4. What 2011 superhero movie starred Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

5. You’ll find what university in Harrisonburg, VA?

6. What company gave us Sorry, Risk, and the Ouija board?

7. What celebrity chef wears shorts and orange crocs, and has red hair?

8. This rapper is also known as “Baby”, and is extremely tight with Lil Wayne.

9. Was the host of the documentary series In Search Of…, though he’s better known for playing one of the most iconic characters in TV history.

10. What Villanova player almost lost an eye in a 2006 game, scored over 2000 points in his career, and has a name extremely similar to one of the players on the Heat?

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The Beer Before and After Round

People get a kick out of the Before and After Rounds, so I thought I’d post this week’s on here, especially since it’s Beer Week. A beer name forms the first part of the answer, then melds into the second part of the answer. For example, if I said “America’s best selling beer skipped this, just like Procol Harum did in Whiter Shade of Pale.” The answer would be Bud Light Fandango. Got it? Good. And keep in mind, sometimes the match will be in the middle of a word. (So if I said “The King of Beers had this explorer and entrepreneur beheaded”, you’d answer Budweiser Walter Raleigh.)

1. This beer from Latrobe helped inspire a 2012 film that featured Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, and Tom Cruise.

2. This company bought Anhesuer Busch in 2008, much to the chagrin of Donna, Steve, and Dylan.

3. This malt liquor, often sold in 40 ounce bottles, was nowhere to be seen in a 1988 film starring Kevin Costner.

4. This beer won’t give you bitter face, which may come as a stunner to your opponents.

5. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found some of this beer, brewed by Miller, being consumed at this sketchy hotel on 21st and Spring Garden.

6. This Dutch beer inspired this man to write The Pillars of the Earth and its sequel World Without End.

7.  Drinking this Canadian beer shouldn’t make you fear the reaper.

8. Billy Dee Williams warned me that drinking this could cause Denial, Anger, and Depression, among others.

9.  I’ve heard that this English ale is all that He-Man drinks at this fortress.

10. This Jamaican beer probably wasn’t served at the Neil Stein restaurant that sparked the Philly dining renaissance.

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Christmas Christ-Mystery Round

Here’s a really good one I did last week. The questions aren’t all Christmas related, but at least one word in each answer ties in with all of the other answers, and the theme for what they all have in common is Christmas. See if you can figure out what it is. Answers are after the jump.

1. In what state will you find the town of Santa Claus?

2. What president died in office in August of 1923?

3. In what year did Michael Jackson unveil the moonwalk, Return of the Jedi was released, and Kate Bosworth was born?

4. What kind of sauce used in Chinese restaurants is usually made from apricots, sugar, vinegar, chilies, and ginger?

5. This teen sitcom aired on FOX from 1990 to 1993 and starred Corin Nemec.

6. This man , whose last name is Couture, is widely credited with bringing UFC into the mainstream. What’s his first name?

7. In what sport will you find practices known as “Two-a-days”?

8. Formerly Bic’s slogan, it’s also the name of their website.

9. One of the most notorious stagecoach robbers of the 19th century, it’s also the nickname of a pirate and the name of a pro wrestler.

10. If you mix sugar, butter, milk, and chocolate to the soft ball stage at 240 degrees, what do you get?

Bonus. What does at least one word in each answer have in common with all of the others?

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Philly Food and Drink History Round

  1. What was the first restaurant Stephen Starr opened, in 1995?
  2. What legendary nightclub and restaurant was located at 824 Catharine until it burned down in a fire in 1994 (above)?
  3. What’s the oldest continuously running bar in Philadelphia, having opened in 1860.
  4. What Philadelphia restaurant gets its name from the French term for the Fine Palate?
  5. What’s the last name of brothers Pat and Harry who invented the cheesesteak?
  6. The portion of this street between Broad and 20th, has traditionally been known as restaurant row.
  7. This legendary hot dog stand stood at 6th between South and Lombard for over 100 years.
  8. The first ever automat was unveiled at 818 Chestnut Street in 1902. These food and drink vending machines were operated by what legendary food services company?
  9. The only tavern remaining from colonial Philly is located on 125 Spruce, though it’s no longer open to the public. What’s it called?
  10. The word hoagie probably comes from Hog Island, where shipbuilders during WWI put deli meats on Italian rolls. What covers most of Hog Island today?
  11. In what year did Reading Terminal Market open in its current location (credit if you’re within 2 years)?

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Take the JGT Christmas Quiz

Like I wasn’t going to leave you without a little bonus Christmas trivia. Here’s 10 questions (not  used this week at quizzo, btw) to share with the fam this holiday season.

  1. Whose secret decoder pin does Ralphie send away for in Christmas Story?
  2. Who was George’s friend who made millions in plastics in It’s a Wonderful Life?
  3. In Venezuela it is Ponche Crema. In Mexico it is called Rompope. What do we call it?
  4. In what ocean will you find Christmas island?
  5. This man, known as the Singing Cowboy, had huge hits with the songs Here Comes Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
  6. This is the common name for a group of hemi-parasitic plants in the order Santalales.
  7. While in prison for embezzlement in 1898, he published his first short story, Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stocking.
  8. What’s the name of the Grinch’s dog?
  9. How do you say “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian?
  10. A Montgomery Ward employee named Robert May came up with what beloved (but in my opinion kind of lame) Christmas story in 1939, as part of an advertising campaign for the store?

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