July 4th Questions

militaryHey kids, here’s a bunch of USA questions in case you wanna bust ’em out at your barbecue. (15 questions not enough to whet your appetite? Here’s 40 more questions about the good ol’ US of A. Feel free to share these by clicking “Like” below. Answers are after the jump.)

  1. This African American was the first person to be killed in the Boston Massacre.
  2. The French call it Tart Tatin. What do we call it?
  3. What’s the name of George Washington’s home?
  4. This 1942 biographical film was about George Cohan and starred James Cagney.
  5. What movie is based on the autobiography of Ron Kovic?
  6. At what battle in New York did Benedict Arnold disobey orders and lead the Americans to a rousing victory?
  7. Who wrote the poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere?
  8. Within two years either way, when was the Stamp Act imposed on the colonies?
  9. What Founding Father resided at a house called Peacefield?
  10. In what town did Cornwallis surrender?
  11. On whose former plantation will you find Arlington National Cemetery?
  12. Thomas Jefferson’s 2nd VP was a funky, funky man. Who was he?
  13. Name either of the two other men who rode out with Paul Revere.
  14. During the Revolution, who wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls”?
  15. What is German born artist Emanuel Leutze best known for creating?

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