Spurs and Heat Quiz

These are all general trivia questions, but there is a hint to the answers: they all contain the first or last name of a player for the Heat or Spurs (one answer is a player’s nickname).

1. What well known cake mix is named after a man who wrote a book called Adventures in Good Eating?

2. The world’s most valuable sports team is known by its shortened name. What is the team’s shortened name?

3. What character was played by Kadeem Hardison on A Different World?

4. What 2011 superhero movie starred Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

5. You’ll find what university in Harrisonburg, VA?

6. What company gave us Sorry, Risk, and the Ouija board?

7. What celebrity chef wears shorts and orange crocs, and has red hair?

8. This rapper is also known as “Baby”, and is extremely tight with Lil Wayne.

9. Was the host of the documentary series In Search Of…, though he’s better known for playing one of the most iconic characters in TV history.

10. What Villanova player almost lost an eye in a 2006 game, scored over 2000 points in his career, and has a name extremely similar to one of the players on the Heat?

1. Duncan Hines (Tim Duncan)

2. Man U (Manu Ginobili, the Man U is short for Manchester United)

3. Dwayne Wayne (Dwyane Wade)

4. Green Lantern (Danny Green)

5. James Madison (LeBron James)

6. Parker Brothers (Tony Parker)

7. Mario Batali (Mario Chalmers)

8. Birdman (Chris “Birdman” Anderson)

9. Leonard Nimoy (Kawhi Leonard)

10. Allen Ray (Ray Allen)

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