French Fry Thursday (And Let’s Watch Game 7 Together at Bards)

A wild week thus far, as both our #2 and #3 teams were knocked off, and our #1 team was down 7 points after three rounds before pulling off a late comeback. A huge opportunity for teams tonight to make a move on the leaderboard. And a quick word to the wise: art* fans, do NOT miss tonight’s quiz!

We kick it off at Industry. We’ll have French Fry Face-off, Name That Tune, and oh by the way a little quizzo. Not to mention $3 beer specials and delicious burgers for a mere $8 (and that price includes fries.) This is absolutely a ¬†GREAT venue for quizzo. If you haven’t played there yet, come on out.

On to the Bards at 9 p.m. YES, GAME 7 WILL BE ON THE BIG SCREEN. $3 Lagers, a great basketball game, Philly’s best quizzo, Name That Tune, and French Fry Face-Off. Can a night get any better than that? I contend that it cannot. And remember, if you played Monday or Tuesday, you are more than welcome to play again tonight. All new quiz. See ya tonight!

*As in “fine art”, not fans of Art Etchells.

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